emalish corporation / non-return of phone calls

1 56 Beaumont Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 6463029670

I found what looked like an authentic repair facitlity for sunglasses. In November, 2010 I sent a pair of authentic D&G sunglasses to have the stem re-attached to the frame. I had to be "approved" prior to my sending the glasses to prove that I was credit worthy by submitting my credit card details BEFORE they could provide me with a repair estimate. (Yes, that should have been my first clue). Once I was approved, I sent the glasses with all contact information to them via USPS. On November 23, I received an email with an order number for reference stating the glasses had been received and I would be sent a tracking number once the glasses were repaired and shipped back to me. I have sent numerous emails, and mad several phone calls, with no reply. So, if someone receives a "NEW" pair of D&G aviator sunglasses from Decor My Eyes, they may just be mine! Great way to run a business. Buyer beware!

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