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Do Not Use Elvis Limousine And Charters.

My Wife and I booked a limo threw Elvis Limousine for our trip to and from the O'Hare Airport on our trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico.

The Elvis Limousine pickup for the Airport went something like this.

******* Naperville to O'Hare ********

Time 6:30 AM

No Limo. Patiently waiting.

Time 6:50 AM

Called Elvis Limousine main phone number, no one answered.

So we called the emergency number and left a message.

Time 7:00 AM

Started looking up numbers for cap companies.

Time 7:05 AM

About to call a cab when the Limo Driver calls and said he is on his way.

Tells me he will be arriving soon.

Time 7:15 AM

Called to ask where he is says he read the paper wrong and went to O'Hare Airport to pick us up instead of the our house.

Time 7:40 AM

Limo Driver arrives he takes full responsibility for being over an hour late. Seems like a nice honest person. My wife and I decide to let it go and even tipped a small amount when we arrived at O'Hare Airport.

Time 8:15 AM

Arrived at O'Hare Airport. Almost 2 hours after the scheduled pickup time.

******* O'Hare to Naperville ********

When the Elvis Limousine was supposed to pick us up from O'Hare Airport after our trip it went something like this.

Time 6:30 PM

Flight Lands

Time 7:00 PM

Finished getting our luggage and going threw customs.

No limo is waiting for us so we called "Elvis Limousine & Charters" Main number and emergency number. No one answered either number so we left a message, no one ever called us back.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Willowbrook, IL

Time 7:15 PM

We called the driver from last time who was nice enough to give us his number.

He said no one was scheduled to pick us up because of a computer problem.

He said he was not doing anything and he would come pick us up.

Time 7:45 PM

"Elvis Limousine" Party Bus Arrives to pick us up. I saw the driver taking purses from inside the bus and putting them in the front seat. I thought someone had forgotten them and he had not had a chance to properly clean the vehicle. The driver threw our language on the floor.

We got and it was clear someone was in the middle of a bachelorette party. There was half drank bottles of beer, wine coolers, gifts, and comers the girls had left on the party bus. It was a mess and a complete violation of those girls trust to use their charter vehicle to pick us up.

Time 8:15 PM

Driver drops us off and demands a tip. Said that the tip we gave him last time was inadequate.

He then swore at my wife and myself. I explained to him that I had overlooked the first incident but I would not be able to over look both incidents. I explained to him that he had not provided the services that had been paid for and I would be needing a refund. He laughed and said we would never get a refund.

Time 8:30 PM

Called the Credit card company and explained how the services I had paid for had not been rendered as promised and asked to have the charges for "Elvis Limousine And Charters" disputed.

******* Conclusion about "Elvis Limousine & Charters" ********

Elvis Limousine And Charters seems to be a completely incompetent company that does not care about its customers or its obligations. An emergency line no one answers or returns calls on is very frustrating. And a limo driver should never arrive in a vehicle you did not order full of ether peoples personal positions.

I suggest if you promote this company you should stop.

If you are counting on this company for services you should reconsider.

For the sake of the employees and the customers this company sould just close its doors.

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