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1 2131 N. Collins Suite 433-614 Arlington, TX 76011Arlington, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (817) 247-8916

ELITE BULLY SELLS SICK PUPPIES>>>> ELITE BULLY SELLS SICK PUPPIES>>>>>BEWARE BUYERS>>>>We paid $2, 500.00 for a supposedly healthy puppy (Tugg) in Dec of 07 and told Dmytri that we didn't care how long it took to get the puppy here due to the weather being colder here in WY than in Texas. He kept telling us that, "I know you want your dog as soon as possible." When we told him it didn't matter when we got him as long as he got here healthy. Dmytri told us that the worst route of shipping was to go through Minneapolis as it was much colder there and we agreed that Denver was the best, safest route for Tugg due to weather concerns. We kept telling him it didn't matter how long we had to wait but he was in such a hurry to get RID of the puppy that he went ahead and sent him through, yes, you guessed it Minneapolis to Rapid City, SD. He had a runny nose at the airport and when taken in for his first visit with the vet approx. 2 days later he was given antibiotics. He did not respond to these and we took him back and the vet put him on a much stronger drug. We gave that to him and it was not working either. Tugg had an appointment for January 3, 2008 and DIED New Years Day due to Pneumonia that he had either had BEFORE getting on that plane or contacted in flight. We have contacted Dmytri through registered mail that had to be signed for. The letter was picked up and we haven't heard ONE word from him. Obviously that part on his web page that says that he is responsible for the puppy during shipping is not true as he is the reason we lost our beloved TUGG. Our grandchildren are still devastated and my wife will never get over it. We waited 20 years to get a bulldog so we knew what we were SUPPOSE to be getting and we did all we could to ensure that he had the best care possible. DO NOT BUY YOUR BULLDOG FROM THIS MAN. You could be the next one to watch your grandkids sit and cry and continue TO THIS DAY to ask where TUGG IS>>>>or your wife cry every time a bulldog comes on TV or any other place she sees one. BEWARE ELITEBULLY SELLS SICK PUPPIES>>>>>>>>>>> AND DOES NOT STAND BY HIS OWN CONTRACT. CHECK THE WEB PAGE IT IS RIGHT THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE>>>>>>>>>>> BEWARE OF ELITEBULLY.COM

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  • Su
      20th of May, 2008
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    Please let this be a warning to everyone to refrain from buying pets online unless it can be confirmed that they are from a reputable breeder. And never buy puppies from Russia, they come from puppymills. So do pet store animals. Very bad news.

  • Vs
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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    Has the seller done anything for you? Has he repaid you or sent another puppy as a result of your first one dying? I share almost the exact same story. I would like to know more. Please email me or comment back before its too late to hold this seller accountable.


  • Vs
      8th of Jul, 2008
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    Did Dmitri ever help you with this? I have had the same problems... If you could please email me so that we can put a STOP to this outfit!


  • Ro
      9th of Aug, 2008
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    I bought my little Bulldog puppy from Dmitri - and I cannot say enough good about her, and the experience we had. Dmitry is honest, personable, I trust him - and our little girl is the healthiest puppy you could imagine. She has a beautiful coat, clear beautiful eyes, she is energetic, smart, playful, easy to housebreak so far, and it has been a wonderful experience. If you read a bad review about Dmitry, I can tell you it is wrong. He was professional, caring, responsible - he even put a lady on an airplane to deliver her to me - because he cares about his dogs. Puppymills can happen in any country - and I can guarantee you that his dogs are first quality - and Dmitry is a first quality person. YOu need to remember that not everyone who purchases a puppy is a person who can be trusted. My experience tells me that Dmitry is first class all the way!

  • Dm
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    Dear Shawn,
    This letter is to inform you that I am very disappointed in your decision to write those stuff all over the internet . In my conversations with you, you came across as an intelligent an honest guy and I thought you would clearly understand this situation and realize that the offer I presented you with was very fair to me and you.
    It really disappointed and hurt me to read that you believe that I killed your puppy by sending the puppy to you via Airline. And have made many other unpleasant and untruthful remarks regarding Elitebully all over the internet. All the puppies you see on the have been professionally raised and we spend so much time and effort with each one of them to make sure they grow up healthy and happy bullies. This is something that some members of my distant family have been doing for years, together with traveling all over the world, showing our English bulldogs, breeding them only to qualified females not just for a profit but for the love of breed! This is a lifelong passion, that allow us to do something that we extremely enjoy and able to make a little bit of money while provide joy and happiness to ourselves and so many other families.
    I am sorry you never got a chance to experience that. I wish things were different and you would be sending me many pictures of your boy growing up, as most of my other customers do. I wish you were writing me how much you like Tugg and thanking me for providing a great dog. This is the feedback that I get from 99% of the customers.
    We breed very healthy dogs and take no shortcuts on sparing any necessary medical help, or expense, providing the best food, care, treatment, shelter to our dogs and puppies. It is not a puppy mill, as every female (mother) lives in a loving and caring home as a part of the family and the puppies always stay in this home with the Mom until they ready to go for their own life venture.
    Once the puppy has grown and has been well emotionally and physically developed, has at least 2 sets of shots, checked by a doctor and found to be a healthy dog, we start looking for a new good home. My goal is not just to sell the dog, but to find a perfect match, a place where the people will be happy with their new family member while the puppy will be treated as a new addition of the family. This is why we call it “adoption” not just “sell”. Please believe me that I refused to sell my puppies before as I was not sure what kind of environment they will be living in or a purpose that the customer was trying to get the puppy for. Usually the fact that people are paying over $2500 for a dog, and a simple phone conversation to scan the environment the puppy will be placed in gives me a good idea. If I can clearly see that environment is not pleasant or the dog may be purchased for a breeding facility, fighting… I will not go forward.
    We realize that any person searching for a long time friend wants only a healthy, beautiful dog. This is exactly what we work so hard to provide, as we check every dog out and I will never send a puppy with known or even potential problems without discussing it with the owner. Quality, Honesty, and fairness – are among of the building blocks of . This is why we are still in business after so many puppies placed in their new homes.
    As an adult you would know that It is almost impossible to make everyone happy, no matter what business you are in, especially when you dedicate yourself to dealing with such a precious creation - live puppies. Any customer in their search is looking for a totally pleasant experience. I can proudly claim that it is exactly what 99% of my customers receive. But there is 1% that are not happy with the service, or quality, or delivery time…. A lot of times those people would try to blame someone else for their own negligence and mistakes. There are also a few mentally and emotionally disturbed people who would make unreasonable claims and just not happy no matter what you do. You need to realize that there is only so much Elitebully can do. After doing it for a while we got a pretty good system in place to make sure things go right. But it is the things that beyond our control that I always worried about the most. Once I send the puppy out I have no control what will happened with the little fellow. I hope that his/her new family will be smart enough to learn more about the breed before getting a puppy as they are very special dogs, I hope they will provide great loving and caring environment, I hope they will have the puppy on the best food and nutrition to ensure a proper growth. I hope a necessary precautions will be taken to nurture the little precious love ball through the adjustment period that usually follow the change of the environment and accompanied by a stress that cause the immune system to go down and make any puppy prompt to getting a small upper respiratory infection and/or diarrhea. I hope the veterinary chosen will be honest and knowledgeable in this breed providing the best and not the most profitable for his office solution to any issue. I hope that weather will be great and the puppy will be delivered to the new home asap. I hope the pedigree papers requested will get processed and delivered to me on time so that I can meet a 16 weeks time frame I gave to my customers, I hope the dog will live a healthy, happy long life. I hope so many things that beyond my control, I hope everything will be fine and it usually is.
    But once in a while something goes wrong and causes a lot of stress, worries, frustration and money for everybody. I always deal with it the best I can, making sure people that choose to work with Elitebully are well taken care of. I fix things up and take full responsibility if I dropped the ball or if the problem clearly points to my end. If the problem happened beyond my control, I look at it from all angles and always put myself in the shoes of my customers. This is exactly what I did with the circumstances surrounding the Tugg’s death.
    Shawn, I would like remind all the details and explain this situation to you, as I see it and as it happened. Please do exactly what I did, put yourself in my shoes and have an opened mind. I want you to be honest with yourself and remember that you, as any other excited customer who just got a puppy wanted me to send the puppy to you as soon as possible, but “when it safe no matter how long it takes”. You wanted the puppy there as soon as possible relaying on my judgment that I will send the puppy when it is not dangerous to fly. And that is exactly what I always do. I remember it was extremely cold at the northern part of the country and I was trying to figure out the best way to send the puppy to Grand Rapids, as the direct flight was not available. If the weather conditions are too hot or too cold, I will not jeopardize a life of a puppy and will never send him/her period. Only when it safe. If you only knew how much stress this principal causes me sometimes as many of my customers seldom put pressure on me to get their puppies before certain day, occasion or events in their lives. Besides that, every airline has strict regulations and will not accept any animals when it is unsafe to send a puppy (too cold or too hot).
    It can be easily noticed that I received a payment from you on the 12/06/07 and send the dog to you only on 12/12/07, six days later, even though I am able to have the puppy delivered to the new home within 24-48 hours when the conditions are right.
    Prior to shipping Tugg to you a Health Certificate was issued by a licensed Veterinary office where the dog was fully examined and given a document to present to the North West Airline to admit the puppy on the plane. You should have this document in your possession as it always travels with the puppy. If there were any problems with the puppy, including a running nose the document would not have been issued as the doctor I take my puppies to is a very honest person who have been veterinary for many years and has his own clinic and practice. Him, as well as me know that a stress of flight will only aggravates any kind of condition and will cause a major health issue shortly upon arrival.
    Before the puppy admitted on the plane, an airline representative check the weather and temperature on all the airports the flight will be going to make sure it is safe to send the life animal. The puppy was flown on the 12/12/08 to Minneapolis arriving there at 10:26am to catch a next available flight 1205 leaving to Grand Rapids, MN in 3 hours. (see attachment)
    As far as I recall, due to the sudden weather condition change or someone’s negligence the puppy did not arrive to his final destination as planned and got stuck in Minneapolis until later on that night, may be even the next day. (I will check on that) I remember you, Shawn, were very upset to the fact that there was some obvious negligence from the Airline end. If I am not confusing, you told me that they left the poor baby in a warehouse, instead of an office, with extremely low temperatures or something like that. Shawn, you remember that, we have talked about it than, and you mentioned it shortly after you informed me of the puppies death. Airlines usually work like clock, getting puppies to their final destination on time and as promised as it is a great source of revenues for them.
    Regardless of the complications we had delivering this boy to you, you e-mailed me how happy and pleased you are with Tugg. The following day 12/14 Tugg went to see your veterinary where he got a clean bill of health showing no major health issues or concerns. Your doctor clearly indicated that the dog had a normal temperature, and the upper respiratory infection which did not constitute any health risk and can be easily and inexpensively resolved ( see attachment)
    It will be important to mention that running nose, and/or loose stool is a very common reaction to a change of the environment and stress of flight or shipping. It is usually accompanied by decrease in a immune system caused by a tension puppy may feel by being in the new place with new people, smells ….. Any veterinary will tell you that as it is a well known fact. I deal with it all the time and the puppies having this reaction will usually recover from it within a couple of days. Your doctor did the right thing by putting him on antibiotics to prevent any kind of secondary infection like pneumonia.
    3 weeks later (1/8/08) you informed me that the puppy had passed away. I replied to your e-mail the same day sharing your pain and encouraging you to figure out what happened and to determine if the death was caused by an accident or genetic problem. I was very understanding and responsive to your situation willing to take responsibilities, as Tugg was the first puppy that I ever died in my customer possession especially after such a short period of time. (see attachments )
    The next time I was reminded of this situation by a certified letter delivered to me in April 2008. You have not called or ever e-mail me since the last conversation we had on the Jan 8th. You simply sent a certified letter with the 8 pages necropsy results that I picked up and set on my desk to take to my vet next time I go there, since I could not understand some of the medical terminology printed on the report. I made a great mistake forgetting to bring the letter for the couple of times I went to the vet, and another one by not e-mailing you that I received a copy and working upon on it, but you have not called or e-mail me either to touch basis since January.
    Shortly after I have noticed a negative comment listed on one of the free website that you left about my company. This comment was more of an angry reply to the reply I left on completely false and untruthful accusation form one of my competitors. Both of the remarks are still on the internet but can also be seen in attachment (see attachments )
    I have called you up and admit getting a letter and that I need to figure out what was the true cause of the death. I told you that I will get back to you after I will discuss it in more details with my veterinary and if the cause of death would clearly indicate our fault (birth defect, genetic issue) I will get you a replacement puppy at no additional cost to you per our contract. You mentioned that things are not the same without a little guy and I advised to look on my website to see if you like any puppies we had listed at that time. I indicated I would get you one as a replacement or figure out the way to take care of you if the necropsy show accidental or any other cause of death.
    The results of the Necropsy did not show neither genetic problem not birth defect as a cause of death. As the matter of fact it showed no abnormalities in his body and did not stated exact reason why the poor baby died. The probable cause of death was linked to a pneumonia that the puppy has developed and was treated for. Pneumonia is not a genetic problem does not qualify your for a replacement puppy under our health guarantee.
    Regardless of the fact, that puppy did not have any genetic problems, and clearly was not send to you with pneumonia I wanted to take care of you as I could relate what your family was going through. I told you that I would give you 50% off any dog you will like on my site and pay for the shipping to you. This is about $1500 off the price you would normally paid, a more than generous offer to take responsibility and make thing right. But you took my offer as an insult as you already thought I would give you a free puppy anyways. I wish I could, but you will only understand how much time, effort and money you spend when you raise one.
    I want you to realize that I was very understanding and fair in my decision. Something terrible happened and the problem was clearly beyond control. Legally I did everything right, ethically I knew I had a customer that has not had a positive experience and needed to find a way to correct it. At the same time I have never before had a situation when the puppy would get pneumonia from a simple upper respiratory infection and die from it while supposedly be treated. Should I cared only about the money, I would have told you that it was your fault the dog died from a pneumonia as you or veterinary did not taken the right course of action or treatment to care for it. I have never even mentioned it as I was looking for a fair solution for this problem and was not trying to blame you, even when all the facts clearly show your fault more than mine.

    Below you will find a short summary of claims you based your letters and statements on and the facts proving them wrong. I want you to take it seriously and realize that there is another side of truth, mine.
    claims and facts
    Your statements to obtain a chargeback Facts
    Dmitri is the one that killed Tugg Necropsy showed no genetic problems and suspects puppy dying from pneumonia

    The puppy was shipped unsafe Airlines have strict rules and regulations on sending life animals.
    Dog was shipped sick. I have a sworn statement from a licensed veterinary in Dallas certifying that the puppy was shipped healthy and the signed form by the customer’s vet that Tugg has a minor upper respiratory infection that is not any health risk
    It was just too late to treat the dog Both pneumonia and upper respiratory infections can be easily and successfully treated within a week or 2.
    Dmitri hurry to get rid of the dog It takes an average 24-48 hour to have the dog delivered from the time the payment is made while Tugg stayed with us for 6 days before it was safe to ship him. We have kept many puppies for several weeks until their families ready to receive them upon request, not just get them out the door
    Tugg’s papers were never received The papers processing was stoped when the dog was told to be dead as no longer needed. The actual papers were printed but send back. Why would you need them?

    He owns a puppy mill I have already addressed this issue. Please realize that the fact your puppy died from bacterial infection has nothing to do with the puppy mill. I have local animal services complementing me on the set up we have here.
    He is obviously in it for the money Completely untrue, I am asking only the half, even though could easily collect the whole amount.

    I hope after reading this letter you realize how wrong you were about me and Elitebully.
    Even though you wrote me an ugly and degrading letter I still treat you with dignity and respect as I share your pain and understand your reaction.
    The comments you posted all over the internet and send me in e-mails are very unpleasant and untruthful and give me right to take you to court no desire or intentions on doing it as I have faith in you and it is simply not the money I am after.
    I am giving you an option to split the cost of the puppy you paid or will provide another puppy at a very discounted rate. One way or another I am still trying to address this situation with you and work out a solution that will be fair for both of us.
    Either way you decide to go, I also request you to remove any negative comments you have left about Elitebully on the internet as you have clearly misunderstood me and was not able to see my true intentions to resolve this deal.
    Take your emotions aside and please look at the facts of this terrible incident. Try to see things from my end as well and understand that I have not send you a sick puppy, nor will I ever do that. What has happened is a terrible accident out of yours or my control. I have done my best to get you a healthy beautiful boy delivered to you and you have done your best to provide him with the medical care when he got sick. It must have been your doctor’s fault for not prescribing a stronger medication, an airline employee for not providing proper medical attention, or just simply Tugg was meant to go away as many other living things on this planet. Sometimes it is easier to find someone responsible so that you have someone to blame and can release your anger and frustration towards that person.
    Shawn, I tried to express it the best I could. It may have been a way for me to scream out all the anger and frustration I have about this unfair situation. It may be last calling for a fair solution to this problem. It was just as important for me to make you see things from my perspective and understand that I not a monster that for some reason you think of me. I am a decent human been with a great personality and common sense who goes to Church and can easily figure out what is right and what is wrong. Just like you, I have a family to support and business to run.
    I hope you will make the right and fair decision.

    Supporting document:
    1. A copy of an actual contract that you should have in your possession. This is exact copy I e-mailed you no changes or alternations were done.
    2. A copy of the Flight schedule and airway bill number
    3. A copy of an initial health certificate issued by your veterinary clearly indicating no life treat to a puppy’s health.
    4. Copy of Necropsy done after the death showing no Genetic problems with the dog.
    5. Copy of my correspondence with you showing Elitebully’s cooperation and willingness to honer the health guarantee if the problem was genetic.

  • Dm
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    Oh yeah. Please check to see what others think of Elitebully and our "puppy mill"
    With the time I will try to upload hundreds of pictures and positive comments that we have received from our customers.

  • Dm
      15th of Aug, 2008
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  • Ho
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    I bought my first bully from Elite Bully in 07 and she was far better than expected in EVERY way!!! Dymitri was very kind and honest, he went above and beyond to help my family find the perfect baby for us. The quality of our pup was amazing, NO WAY does Elite Bullly get their pups from puppymills!!!
    We are looking at getting a boy from Elite Bully this Christmas and will for sure be getting him from Elite Bully!!
    You can't always make everyone happy and there are people that are miserable and haters so keep this in mind and don't let the crap you are reading keep you from getting a high quality bully from these guys!!!


  • Kw
      16th of Feb, 2011
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    Well Dymitri I have a comment for you too

    You want to clear your name by writing a long e-mail to this guy but you and your company are horrible and I recomend everyone I know to avoid not only you but anything online when purchasing a dog. I bought my dog (georgyboy)/Dozer from you in 2009 and though he is cute he is not healthy. However, I know bulldogs have a lot of health problems so that is not my complaint. I paid for his papers in late 2009/ early 2010 and have not received them and you have stopped returning my calls. This company is a load of crap... you could at the very least refund my money.

  • Ja
      24th of Mar, 2013
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    Same here never received my papers on my second pup.

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