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Elite Premium Services / No Payment, They Work for FAS ( Field Asset Services)

1 4045 South Buffalo Dr, Suite A101-290Las Vegas, NV, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 702-597-0836

I was hired to do handyman and yard service for Murry Fields and Justin Z.
I completed the first batch after 2 months Murry begged like a small child and convinced me to start the 2nd batch, by the time I realized this pathetic man was trying to con me I had finished 90% of the work.
He refused to pay, made up allot of stories and excuses.
Murry Fields OWES me over $4, 000.00 and after the court and Lawyer fees it will be well over $6, 000.00
If you come in contact with either of these men do no work for them and report and dealings with them to the better business bureau.
THey claim to be members, maybe no one is paying attention.
Murry Fields main customer is FAS foreclosure contracting company.
You may contact them at Field Asset Services
[protected] extension 1285
9229 Waterford Centre Blvd. Suite 110
Austin, Texas 78758
Fax [protected]
Please share your experience with them.

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  • Bo
      21st of May, 2009
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    I also did work linked to FAS I did 5 jobs with no pay field asset service is one big scam stay away from them
    I sent over 250 pic in on last Job I did and they still refuse to pay
    they owe me over 1000 dollars in labor costs

  • Gr
      4th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    FAS is making a large fortune off the taxpayers with the financial institutions pay them huge huge fees to hire the contractors - look at their webpage field asset services they brag at how much money they make and look at their employees and back grounds most worked for the banks in one field or another- good ole boy system is alive and well still in the financial market place - they are getting rich or the labor of others and pocketing the money.
    No matter how many people complain the company has strong ties with the institutions and they will continue to hire them instead of paying a local contractor direct for the jobs hmmm - saving the tax payers money and getting quality work there is an idea- the financial institutions will continue to use this company to hire out of area workers and pay them a pittance for the work so the people at the top can all profit, greed with no regard for the effect on the communities
    I KNOW the fees amounts and more and next month hope to have my web page completed with all the information

  • No
      20th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Having previously worked at FAS, I completely disagree with the last comment here. What do you think business is about, losing money? What business doesn't try and make money, I am just curious to know?

    There are always going to be companies that can flourish, even in these tough economic times, and FAS was just smart enough to strike while the iron was hot and get in on a business that is growing exponentially fast and very necessary. Also, to your point that we receive taxpayer money to service our properties, that is just completely false. Our clients pay us to clean up their foreclosed properties, so they can re-sell them as quickly as possible, especially since they have already lost vast amounts of money when their borrowers defaulted on their loans. Even if some of our clients are included in any part of the bail-out, then I would say spending their money with us would be a wise decision. At least with FAS they will be able to re-sell their properties, not leave another home vacant in America, and re-pay the many investors that have already funded this now defaulted loan. That is just smart business.

    And yes, our clients will always send their business to us or another out-sourcing company rather than hire single-use contractors for every job. It is just more sensible, we offer more oversight, a wider variety of vendors, and ability to keep our clients cost at a minimum. Don't you understand, these are foreclosed properties, and some of our clients have literally tens of thousands of loans currently in default, do you really think any of these companies are going to pay top dollar to fix these properties? Some of these banks are literally on the brink of bankruptcy and many don't even underwrite loans anymore, they need to be extremely careful with their accounting, and companies like FAS can offer a better price for the job, quicker response times, and more accountability. We offer our clients flat fee pricing on their new orders, so even if the initial clean-up of the property ends up costing $10000, we will actually eat the cost and still allow our clients to pay their contractual flat fee. The business that we have set-up works for our clients and helps take away a lot of liability from them.

    To the point of the first commenter who said we enjoy not paying our vendors, that is just ludicrous. We are actually not able to bill our clients for jobs, unless our vendors do the job correctly, the job passes through Quality Control, and gets invoice approved. So, if a vendor gets declined on a job of theirs, we will not get to bill our client at all, until our vendor or another vendor has an invoice approved on the job. WE DO NOT GET PAID, UNLESS YOU GET PAID. So trust me, we want you to get the job done right and quick, because then the quicker we will get paid. I know that the photo requirements are pretty stringent, but we sign contracts with our clients stating that these photos will always be available for their review. If we can't prove the work is done, we just can't pay. And the fact of the matter is, you were sent the 20-page vendor packet at your initial vendor sign-up, with your signatures all over, affirming that you would abide by these photo requirements. We also put every single photo requirement on every single work order. If you just follow what the work order says, you will get invoice approved. We have some vendors that bill for well of $1 million a year with us, and they are quite pleased with the work that they get, especially in this economy. We have many vendors who were previously out of work construction workers that are so thankful to finally have a steady source of income, since their business has slowed in their area. You say that we are ruining communities, but we have so many vendors that are small operations that hire great in-town contractors and do great work. How does this ruin communities? We are offering work to people who don't have any work right now, and are keeping a lot of communities and hard-working people fed, what is wrong with that?

    I know that our industry is very hard to understand, but I think you need to realize how business works. We aren't in the business of losing money, and I'm sure you are not either. This is America, the land of free enterprise and capitalism, FAS has no reason to be ashamed of the fact that we are completely debt free or that we consistently exceed our fiscal goals. In fact, I am proud that I have got to help take part in our outrageous growth over the past few years, and I feel extremely blessed and lucky to have found a job that is secure and pays well.

  • Ah
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    AS a small construction Company owner who has contracted with Field Assets for 2 years now the complaint about pay is obviously from someone who cannot read a simple work order, or from someone who has sub contracted work from a field assets contractor who in turn shorted them the monies owed. We have performed well over 1500 initial work orders from them and they have paid us for each job as the work is completed and photo requirements met. We also perform over 800 reoccurring services each month and have been paid for every one we performed to standards on time, every time. While this business model may not be for some it has been a godsend for our company. We are a home builder in California that has not had any downturn in our revenues due to Field Assets contract. We defend them 110% percent.

    If you have any questions from the contractor’s perspective feel free to email me and I will do my best to assist you. All complaints above seem to come from those who have not actually performed properly or have never actually contracted with Field Assets and have fears of performing to the industry standards.

    My email is

  • No
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I don’t know how it is in California, but in Colorado there are not many vendors or realtors that very much nice to say about FAS. I worked for FAS for over 3 years. I went where no other vendor would go. I did favors no other vendor would attempt. We were always chasing down what they owed us. In regards to an earlier posting that all you have to do is to read a simple work order? That doesn’t matter either. We were asked to do a favor, drove an hour and a half to a property because they couldn’t find any other vendor to go, we had all the right photos and they still denied it. Why you may ask? We were told they were denying it because we didn’t have our lawn mower set low enough. There is NOTHING on the work order that says what “notch” to put your lawn mower, how tall the grass has to be after we are done…NOTHING on height. Oh! Let me mention that the weeds and grass were over 4 feet tall in most areas. We left no grass clippings, we used a bag, we had all the “action shots.”
    In another previous posting there is someone that says they USED to work there. Ya ya ya. I have former employees write me all the time too. If we don’t get paid then they don’t either. Maybe that’s true. But just maybe FAS is sending people out on jobs they know they wont get paid on.
    I had a realtor call me this weekend who saw our winterization sign in a house. She couldn’t get a hold of anyone at FAS and they owed her $4k She is considering a class action. For every one person I find that does like FAS I can name 10 that will say they don’t pay. They give you the run around, they say they don’t know anything about it, they lose emails and photos again and again. The leads at FAS are breathing down the CSR’s necks so badly that they make decisions based on fear.
    I had another realtor in Pueblo call me this week asking if we were working on two houses. He couldn’t get anyone at FAS to answer or return a phone call, so he called me thinking maybe, if I was working on either house, that I could provide him some info.
    I could sit here all day and tell you story after story. The biggest one I couldn’t believe is when we had a work order to do a trash out…you know the usual…lawn, janitorial etc. We didn’t get paid because FAS said we never had a work order to do so. When we scanned the original work order and showed it to an individual that over sees Vendor management, his comment was simply this. He could see that the work order was official, and that someone was covering their tracks and he knew FAS was in the wrong. But he wasn’t accounting and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. He reported directly to the owner, Dale, and somehow couldn’t do anything about it.
    Hey listen, I have been through the whole preferred vendor thing too and yes, even during their nasty computer system change they paid bills…90 days late on over 30 major jobs (none recurring) and over 19k…but they did pay most of them eventually. Tons of my company hours went in to re tracking every thing over and over again, but yes I finally got paid. In the long run you end up losing money though.
    I think the system is a good idea. We started with FAS because they WERE personal. If you had an issue with an eviction or a job you could call and get it resolved right away with a simple phone call. Now your lucky if your call doesn’t go to the receptionist’s voice mail much less get anyone to call you back. If they are a company you are thinking about getting involved with, plan on spending any profits spinning your wheels. You take all the risks and they take all the rewards.

  • Ts
      30th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am in total agreement with 'noone important" I have worked for FAS for a year and half and you sir are right on!!!

  • Co
      6th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Field Asset Services is indeed populated by quick buck scam artists... after running my small firm through a maze of "vendor qualifications" and numerous e-mail and phone calls, they asked me to perform a septic system inspection on a foreclosed property here in Massachusetts. They asked for copies of the report, photos, etc. and then told me that they had never authorized me to proceed with the inspection. I knew by the phone conversations with their people (how many people do you need to handle an issue like this?) That they are a bloated bureau of scam artists. Stay away from them!! They are bad people!! Their claim that someone has not performed the work properly is total b.S. and part of a corporate methodology to steal goods and services.

  • Do
      29th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had a horrible experience I am about to go to court over. I am going to get the Better Business Bureau involved and the banks that trust them need to know what is going on. I suggest you start to get the word out. If you go to the banks for your money with added court costs and attorney dees, maybe things will change. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

  • Am
      14th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    It's a sad buisness to start with. But when you enter FAS in the equation it becomes something horrific. Are first problem came with a board up. The qc person said he did not think it was plywood. But on the bottom of the plywood it said cdx 5/8. After showing this to the person I got, let me research this. So at first you say well you have someone who has no knowledge of construction means or methods. But it became quit clear that it was something else. We gave it 5 days and called back. Sorry but the property sold. We cannot pay you is what we where told. End of story? suck it up and move on? Not so fast. 7 months later we got the same property back as re-accuring. I asked and they had no record of it. How convenient is that. When we first started you worked through the property manager. Now you have the pm, vendor management, bid team, re-accuring. And a few more that we are not sure what they do and they don't either. The old saying left hand is not knowing of what the right is up to. We made some mistakes and except that we would not get paid for those mistakes. But they get there money one way or another. I can't tell you how meny times we would go out and find air fresheners from a couple of days past. We would call and hear. The other vendor did something wrong. Just take some pictures of you going through the motions and we will pay you. So don't think for a second they don't get there's. I'm sure they got paid for the board up. We did repairs and re-hab for them. We got calls asking us to respond to emergancy calls to repair leaking plumbing. Respond the same day. Put up the completed job order and asked the property manager to please bring up the price. After 4 days the system auto declined and we had to pay a penalty becuse the pm did not do his or her job. You call better buisness and they will tell you that they have multible complaints. At what point as a society do we stand up and say that's enough. Most of there clients are FHA insured. Are tax's dollers folk's. Seem's like we should have some power to ask for reform or guidelines. If you are considering working in this buisness check out who you are thinking of crawling in bed with. There are some good companies out there who are fair. We work dierectly with some of the banks asset managers and the hyperhistariea that FAS present's is there's not the bank. BEWARE.

  • Rb
      17th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    My Wife and I have worked for years doing foreclosure property preservation work. Over the years I learned one thing. Don't wait one minute past the specified payment date when dealing with middleman vendor/contractors. Many of them are crooks and make their money taling a big piece of the money that would be going to you if you dely directly with the National. (FAS, Safeguard, REOAllegiance etc.) We suggest you Lien ever property that is 60 days out on payment. Don't wait because if the property sells you will have no standing. Charge for the job plus the filing fees and a fee for your time. Most companies that file liens charge $250 per lien for the service. This approach has two great results. First you will eventually get paid and it won't affect your ability to contract directly with the National or Bank at a later date. Second, the jerks that hired you, but won't pay, will probably loss their contract with the National and you will effectively put them out of business. Cops will be no help but if you take the above approach we can weed some of the crooks out of the business.

  • Rb
      17th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    The problem with FAS is not how they treat their own contractors. It is in the fact that let hundreds of contractors sub out work. It is the subs that get no training, work their butts off and then have some middleman deny payment. I am not a fan of FAS because I feel their documentation system is unnecessarily difficult. I work for many Nationals and find a lot of what they require is unnecessary. However, if that is what you signed up for you have no reason to complain. I think it also depends on who your coordinators and managers are. When we were getting started with FAS and Safeguard many of our contact people were less than helpful. I still feel that they are doing the industry and their clients an injustice when they allow vendors to take work out of area. I am constantly seeing adds from FAS/Safeguard/5 Brothers vendors looking for crews in Northern Nevada when they are located in Arizona, Southern Cal, Southern Nevada, Colorado etc. Just my opinion.

  • Pi
      20th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    FAS is absolutely the worst outfit I have ever worked for. I drove over 6 hours, 300 plus miles to do a job they "begged" me to do. The original bid from FAS was for $5000. We are now 4 months out, and they are still refusing to pay. Their response time is ridiculous via either email or telephone. If anyone is considering a class action suit against them, count me in!

  • Tb
      5th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    huh... wow lots of stuff out here so i will put in my 2 cents i own a business that has contracted with fas for 3 years i have had 2 late checks one was 4 days late and one was 2 weeks late i have never had a bad issue with fas i like to work with them i have a 99% score card but oh well if you work hard do what they ask and keep up on the books you will be fine if they dont pay on a job give it 2 weeks and call accountting they will get you paid i will refer people to them to get started in the reo p.p business
    T BONE AR.

  • Fo
      10th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am a former employee of FAS. Yes, they look for reasons not to pay their contractors. I was the person that slashed the invoices and called the vendors to deny payment. FAS requires multiple photos that they need to prove without a shadow-of-a-doubt that the work was done to the mortgage companies that they contract the work from themselves. They make payment stiff and rigid to collect on work that was most often done correctly by vendors. I hated that job! Glad I'm elsewhere. Vendors be ware!!!

  • Ki
      20th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    FAS is a fine company, I have done plenty of work for them and have always been paid for my work. Yes there have been a few instances here and there that piss me off a little b/c we didn't have the correct photos but that was mainly starting off and it was part of learning. Basically they want a thorough job with photo documentation, if you screw up you have a day or two to fix it. It's not complicated, but it's obvious most people complaining on this site are just a bunch of half-assers who thought they could get rich quick. Look at the first comment by boyer-inc; he took 250 pics. Wow, we take at least 350 for every initial we do (thats minimum) On simple maid recurrings that only take about 30 minutes we usually turn in about 160 photos for a 1500 sf house. FAS is a good company but it will never work for you if you don't put in the work yourself.

  • At
      5th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also worked for FAS. I DID 100 BIDS FOR THEM MANY 2 AND 3 HOURS AWAY BECAUSE THEY CLAIM THEY WERE IN A BIND TO GET THEM DONE. NEVER GOT PAID FOR ANY TRIP CHARGES. ALSO I DID 4 JOBS TOTALING $7500.00 and have not been paid for one job. I paid for supplies and paid my workers. They tell me my jobs was re-assigned but I was not told this until I sent them my invoice. They are trying to get free labor. Do not work for FAS. Count me in any lawsuits.
    Atlanta aftermarket.

  • Ph
      18th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Our company has been doing REO work since 1999. We did work for FAS starting in February of 2010. Things were ok for a bit until they started kicking orders back because of all sorts of ticky tack items. Mind you, we are fully aware of photo requirements and have a dedicated photographer for each crew with a list of each company's photo requirements. The first 34 winterizations were fine, then on the 35th they deny payment because of the wrong colored zip tie on the water shut off. Any invoice denials recieve a payment penalty even if they do reverse it. They sent over two trashout orders for properties 2 hours apart and tell us they are already past due. We send out crews and complete them in 48 hours. Guess what, they cancel them, and refuse our photos and invoice stating they have already been reassigned and completed by another company. Funny thing is, we get the reoccuring lawn service 60 days later and no one has been there since us. Looks like they got free trashouts they can bill a client for. They call my office manager and beg her to accept a cash for keys order due the next day. "Sure, not a problem" she says. One of our guys goes to the property the next day with the Broker and completes the order. We never get paid, why? FAS sent it over as a no charge order. I call them and ask them why would they expect any company to complete a job for free? The FAS toadie responds "Then why did you accept it?". Oh, now I am starting to understand the game. We send a three man crew out for lawn recuts. One mows, one trims and one clears the drive and walks and takes approx 20 photos; guess what, they can't see the fence line on the north east corner of a property so they deny payment. Next property they state they need to see the grass clippings on the trailer to prove we removed them, so they deny payment. Next property we show "during" photos of the weedeating and trimming along the front porch, walk, driveway but not the curb...payment denied. There was a revolving door of excuses for non payment. Now, for those of you who feel that if we simply took the correct photos and did the work properly, we would have been paid, I would ask this question, why us us at all? If we are that bad at doing the work, get rid of us and hire someone else. We are used exclusively by the majority of local brokers and lenders for all of their REO and P&P work. We have a stellar reputation with them as well as the numerous other National Preservation Companies we service. 3 months ago I saw how much money we were losing and fired them; my office continues to receive calls and emails from them requesting a trashout her, a bid there, etc. We were poor quality contractors, so why use us, right? Wrong...we were suckers.

  • Au
      27th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    FIELD ASSET SERVICE - "Full of [censored]" Employment SCAM

    Well, to address a couple of thing regarding FAS (Field Asset Services). They hire a bus load of temps WEEKLY to make most of all calls related to GC's, utility companies, & etc. These temps are given 1 days worth of training, some not even that; then they crack the work whip. However, to be just straight up honest...the company treats its on-site TEMP employees & GC's all the SAME. They dont care about someone giving their all because they are just waiting for the next person to fill role. I just left the MAIN site of FAS in Round Rock TX (Austin, TX). They hired me Feb 2 2010; fired for "no reason, " on Jan 26 2011. They say how they are making all this money...then why does FAS has a little rodent problem. I sat at a dest before me last days that had a rat trap in the desk. This rat trap was not doing its job just like others at FAS; I say this cause it got to my lunch on 2 occasions. ***VENDORS/CONTRACTORS BE WARE; NOT FOR EVERYONE*** If you have been working with EXPRESS services or LEADING EDGE be sure not to have big expectations at this place. They will drop you in a (1) years time. So, If you feel comfortable with having your money & time invested in this organization, I wish you the best. They will more than likely continue to have meeting after meeting (35+ in a week, I counted) about nonsense. Then tell you something silly and hope you stop calling if feel as if you have a concern. I know I seen a team lead do this on numerous occasions (DUSTIN AYLOR). He also blow hot air. I asked him on Dec 13 2010 if FAS was going to hire me full time...I did not get a response. Then he sent me to a new team lead 3 weeks later, still with no response. I stay with the team lead for 1 1/2 months the got canned out the blue. THEY SUCK BOTTOM LINE... we got to go turn my badge back into Express Services. & yes, we were the suckers!!!

  • St
      15th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am (was) also a contractor (stool pidgeon) for FAS and it was the WORST thing that I could EVER do. The contractors who have written "positive" things about FAS in this blog MUST be getting some type of "premium" to speak up and say great things about their operation. I have been in business for over 25 years and have an excellent reputation. Stay with FAS and they will make you feel like your the "worst" business person on the face of the earth. They will do anything and everything that is humanely (and sometimes not so humanely) possible to deny payment to their contractors. Their photo requirements actually depend upon their relationship with the contractor as, what is required for one contractor, is NOT required of a different contractor. When you take 200 or so photos of a winterization for example, it is an excellent indicator that the job WAS completed, however if you happen to miss the one photo that your company is required to have (but not others), then they tell you that you get NOTHING (unless you go out again) even though there are 200 other photos showing the job has been completed. Most normal businesses would, at the very least, pay you for the 98% completion that your photos provide proof of. Not FAS. They are above all!
    By law, I MUST pay my employees for the time that they put in. I cannot tell them that they have to "return" without pay to take the one small photo that they missed (out of their 200 others), just because FAS feels that we don't deserve ANY pay for that job. I would like to see what would happen to them (FAS) if they started telling their employees that they wouldn't be getting their weekly paycheck because they happen to make a minor mistake such as, lets say, filing something in the wrong spot. They'd be in front of a judge faster than the blink of an eye.
    Not paying is not their only issue. I've been called four separate times from 4 different individuals seeking the exact same information. It's obvious that they have no idea what they are doing, yet they still get THEIR paychecks!
    I'd like to warn ANYONE thinking about getting involved with this corrupt firm, "If you're smart, DON'T". It's definately not worth the effort that you have to put into it.
    As for the posts that praise this lousy firm and comment that all negative posts just do not know how to do a job right, You don't know what you are talking about. Like I said, you MUST be getting paid by FAS to promote them because I certainly DO know how to run a business. I've been President/CEO of an extremely successful multi million dollar corporation for over 20 years and have over 350 clients that would be extremely happy to provide excellent references (and I won't even have to pay them to say it).
    Although I am extremely busy with our other operations and no longer do business with FAS, I would be more than happy to have our company attorney file a class action lawsuit if we can convince enough contractors to join in.

  • Tr
      15th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    We reluctantly went into foreclosure work a couple of years ago when the landscaping industry became overly competitive and the economy went south. A few realtors suggested that we sign up to work with Field Asset Services. We are not afraid of hard work, and we were very good vendors. After a short learning curve regarding photo uploads, etc, we were on our way. We did several jobs, and even though FAS was a little slow to pay, and that the follow up work was almost more time consuming and labor intensive than the actual work orders themselves, we were satisfied. After all, we were making ends meet at least. Then the unthinkable happened. We were asked to do a trashout and the home appeared lived in. The locks had already been changed by the realtor, but there were personals, etc. The furniture was not "top notch" by any means, and there were some items that some would consider buying at a yard sale as a "good deal" purchase, but there wasn't anything there that would really excite anyone except maybe someone who really was just starting out in life. Anyway, we called our project manager (or whatever that term was...I forget now) and asked that they check to make sure that we were at the correct address, and if they still wanted the property trashed out.
    After a hold on the phone, the answer came back...PROCEED. So we did...we trashed it out dropped of clothes, etc in those yellow Planet Aid boxes, burned furniture and threw multiple items in the dumpster. We submitted our photos and invoice and it was accepted. However, before we got paid, a claim came in against FAS by the owner ( not the bank). Apparently, the property was prematurely foreclosed on. The poor guy who owned it had scrambled to make his payments and had gotten behind and had just made good, but the bank jumped the gun on him. Guess who got thrown under the bus? US! The claim apparently disappeared after several months (the guy coudn't find a lawyer who would go up against the banks and FAS, and also he had inflated his "list of belongings" quite extensively- probably because he knew he would have to in order to at least recoup the value of what he really lost). Because the claim disappeared and because we decided to have a lawyer try to collect all of our unpaid invoices for us (FAS holds all payments when there is a claim), we were finally paid for all invoices, including that job. However, FAS told us that should the claimant ever come back, they would hold our payments again until the matter was settled. Would you want to work for them after that? Well, we didn't either, but we decided to open a new company and sign up...gluttons for punishment I guess. We were good vendors and we had a good rating with our managers, except the one who denied ever telling us to go ahead and trashout that property. Anyway, we worked for them again, and soon thereafter, this fellow apparently found another lawyer and he decided to sue us and the banks, etc. He forgot to add FAS to the mix, but we made sure that our lawyer mention it to his lawyer. Thank goodness we did because it went to mediation and we were not asked to pay anything. The guy did get back what we consider was the value of the items and a lot of extra cash too, so he did alright. I think he had already gotten his property back. However, the documentation came in and FAS added that they would pay their share but were reserving their rights to sue not only our original company but any entity we owned, any heirs, any property, etc. We weren't about to sign that. As well, they are now holding payment on about $10, 000 of invoices for work that we did as the new company. Needless to say, we don't work for them anymore and never will again. Class action suit?!!! Let's get our lawyers together and do it. I am on board. Their business practices are entirely unethical and they need a HUGE financial spanking!

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