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Well... I've been in the mobile DJ business since 1989... and have never encounter such poor service from a lighting/music supplier! I ordered almost $850.00 worth of various lights, fog juice and replacement lamps. The order was supposed to be shipped/received within 10 days. After waiting 3 weeks... nothing, I called long distance...on hold for over one hour (no 1-800 # for this company)... I finally got a rep, who told me that one item was back-ordered, which was why the entire order was not shipped. I was told that the rest of the order would be shipped and that the back-ordered item would be shipped directly from the maker.
Two days later, I received the back-ordered item... but never got the rest of my order. I waited 3 weeks (hoping)... nothing arrives, so I called long distance again... on hold again for 45 minutes... was told that a different item was out of stock...and that they would ship the remaining items. (I explained it was prom season and the real need for a prompt delivery).
A week later I got one small item...but didn't get four other main items (or the out-of-stock item)... another weekend of dances without the required lights. I wait a week, still no lights...I called (long distance) and wait the obligatory hour+ on hold time for this company. I finally get a rep. to whom I explain the issue... that I had still not gotten 3/4ths of my order - 51 days after I placed the order. I was told they didn't know when the order would ship and THEY suggested I cancel the rest of my order... which I did. I mean really??? How screwed up can a company be? Avoid the non-existent customer service, long distance phone charges and AVOID this company! A huge NEGATIVE 10 on my radar!


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