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R Oct 13, 2017 Review updated:

I had went in to purchase all new appliances! And a new tv. I was greated and was asked if I needed any help. I told the guy what I came in for and he was helping me but constantly pulling his phone out as if he was looking into calaculating the taxes and crunching numbers for me so I could get a good deal, he was NOT on his calculator at all his gf/wife was constantly texting and calling he would wonder off a lot but there was a blonde lady in there who I seen him with outside as we went in they were outside smoking well I looked uo as I decided what on I wanted to let him know but she kept coming up and destracting him and I think she may work with him. I felt like he was more worried about her every move then any money to make the company and sfter picking out what all we wanted he went up front and there she was again and I was ready to go and he walked outside with her again and I don't know if she was giving hima hard time cause I'm a female cause I overherd her say come on lets go get lunch he said I'm finishing up she said what getting her info in a snoody way and I finally said screw it and just left he didn't even care as I walked out she said have a good day with a smirk on her face and was outside and was on the phone and was loudly saying this [censor] is ll trying to flaunt her self like she wants my man I turned to her and said hunny I don't want your man I am married and very happy and have 5 kids and been marrie for 21 years she told me to stay the [censor] away from the store 1 I'm 49 years old and my husband and I work hard I think its very sick that this man who is the manager his name was kyle I believe would have his wife or whatever treating customers this way yet alone working with his spouse. I'm in the area a lot she is there a lot lately I will not return!!!


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      Oct 17, 2017

    I agree! the manager and his gf are not a good team and its not a good look spring hill electronic express!!!GET A GRIP!!! I work at general motors and was in with my wife and could not agree more with comments!!! Its like no one comes to help and she is a COMPLETE UGLY NASTY HATEFUL PERSON, While applying for a credit limit payment system kinda like buy here pay here I was given [censor] service she left me sitting to go outside to smoke after she said I'm going to check on something!!! I got upset and left and she was outside standing with who was an amazing upbeat manager!!! loose the girl service was great b4 she came in to play!!! BEST BUY HERE WE COME

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