Elephant GroupDeceptive Practice / Fraud

I am a former employee of the Elephant Group located at 901 Hadley Road South Plainfield, NJ where we were repeatedly told that we would be making a minimum of $45k our first year on the job and that was if we sold on the lower end of the totem pole! If you kicked a**, you could make six figures! Low and behold, we were paid twelve dollars per hour and were not paid our commissions. During a week of training, many were paid less than twelve dollars an hour, many of whom did not know this would happen! All I have to say is the managers there do not care about anyone there and will say you have to talk to the big dogs who will fire you on the spot if you dispute your wage! Oh yeah, about the guy with the felony, I don't know who you are, but I know those two jackoffs harrassed you. They do that sh-- to everyone!

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