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We received a flyer in the mail about a new restaurant opening up and liked what we saw on the partial menu..promises of discount specials on opening night..we were looking for a special place to eat on our special night..I was celebrating my being home for one full year on that particular night..we chose The elephant Bar Restaurant!

Walking inside was a treat, what a beautiful place..everything was brand new..the smells were intoxicating..the staff seemed nervous and under alot of pressure..turns out they had a bigger crowd then they were expecting! we walked inside and was asked "2?" my Patner said we were escorted past empty table after empty table finally the hostess led us to a pretty good sized table in the back..there was only two of us, but the table sat 4..we sat down accepted our menus and scanned the room around us..I noticed right away we were seated with others who dressed down for opening night..some in shorts and we were, others in regular everyday clothing jeans and shoes and sandles..yet those seated up front were all dressed up..wearing fancy clothing and expensive jewelry..I too own expensive clothing and accessories, but I chose to be comfortable that night!

As we looked at our menus we were stunned to see all of the specials were for seafood, not a big deal for my baby she loves fish..however, I am allergic so the specials were out for me again no big deal, but it would have been nice had they thought of those of us who do not or cannot eat seafood for one reason or another..I chose my food as did my Baby..we decided on our drinks and then proceeded to wait and wait and wait about 20 mins later the waitress arrived she gave us a candid unapproving glare because we chose to hold hands and exchange I love yous..apparently she did not approve of Lesbian couples she dropped our silverware in the center of the table then snapped softly "have you decided on your drinks?"..we gave her our drink order, then my Partner informed her we had also chosen our food order..she rolled her eyes and said "I'll be back with your drinks give them to me then" she walked away figuring she was very busy we let it slide. About 15 mins later a different waitress arrived with our drinks she was very sweet and bubbly and informed us she would be taking over our table, even though the other waitress was clearly still waiting on the tables all around us, and the one now working our table was working tables across the room..we were happy to have a waitress who was more customer oriented..we gave her our orders then proceeded to wait for over 45 mins..when our order still had not arrived my Partner signaled yet another waitress who sent the Manager over..she apologized profusely then said she would see about our order..a few minutes later she returned and said she would get us fresh plates ours had not been picked up when they were ready and they had gotten cold..the poor Girl who was our new waitress was doing her own job as well as a few others so we did not blame her at all..the first waitress was ordered by the Manager to get our fresh hot plates and bring them to us immediately she sneered, but did as she was told..we sat back as she literally dropped our plates on the table..some of my food spilled on the tablecloth we watched stunned as she walked away..the second waitress appeared 20 mins later with fresh drinks..I should add the first waitress saw our drinks were empty and did not offer to bring us fresh drinks..we thanked the second waitress and listened as she apologized for the slowness of our service as well as the actions of our original waitress..she also informed us we would be getting a discount on our meal and free dessert on her..we thanked her then ate..the food was great..we relished every bite...when we finished our meals we had nothing but praise for the food I decided to visit the Ladies room and on my way back from the restroom I was slowly approaching a table where I watched a Woman fix her makeup and her Husband take out a hankerchief he then to my total disgust blew his nose while sitting at the table..the sound was loud not to mention if that wans't bad enough he inspected what he blew out of his the time I got back to our table my stomach was baby asked if I wanted dessert I told her no, but she should go ahead..she ordered a slice of cheesecake and I took about two bites out of it, but was unable to eat anymore! The Manager returned to our table and asked wasn't I going to have dessert I informed her no and why she made a face and shook her head.."some people have no manners" she then informed the waitress she was to take $20 off our bill..we thanked her..after we were left alone we talked it over and decided to reward our new waitress for her outstanding service so we gave her $20 in front of the horrid waitress we were first given she shot us both dirty looks then walked away..the second waitress gasped as my Partner handed her a $20..she shook her head "oh I have to get change I don't think I have change for a $20..we both laughed and told her that was her tip..she was soo excited she actually hugged us both and asked us to come again..Will we go back who knows?? The food was great, the service was slow, but the second waitress and the Manager were both very nice and professional..guess we have to weigh the pros and the cons!


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