The Element Harasses Customers - Food -Service Sub Standard

I went downtown Sarasota after work and stopped in the Element on Main Street to have a drink. After couple of minutes one of the bartenders started to harass a well dressed man who was sitting close to me. He was having a quiet conversation with some friends. The bartender started to tell the man he didn't like what he was talking about. The man said he was having a private conversation. I was standing almost next to the man and his conversation was polite and quiet. i paid for my drink and have never been back.
I told a friend of mine what happened. He said when he ate at the Element with a lady friend the service was not very good and the steak he had was excessively priced for the quality and it was not the proper temperature. Based on the aboe facts I would not recommend the Element to anyone.

Nov 29, 2018

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