SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Elegant Pearl has been terrible at correcting the situation

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I ordered lavender pearls for my sister's birthday, as lavender/purple are her favorite colors. What came instead are pearls that are CLEARLY pink - not even remotely close to lavender. In fact, the pearls I received are almost identical in color to the photos of pink pearls on Elegant Pearl's own Web site. Even my mom and sister made comments about "the pink pearl set, " without me saying anything about the fact that they should have been lavender.

I can understand that sometimes mistakes are made, but Elegant Pearl has been terrible at correcting the situation. After a solid MONTH of emailing with customer service arguing about the color of the pearls (I even sent photos which clearly depict that the pearls are pink), they finally said I could return them and they would try to find some that are "more lavender." Interestingly, they never admitted that they actually sent the wrong color (which is obvious).

Now I have to see whether my sister still has the original packaging. If not, I won't be able to return them. Grrr!

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