Elegant Rags / Sick Cat

1 SC, United States

I purchased a male seal point mitted Ragdoll from Love Ragdolls in November 2011. I took him to the vet the day after I received him per the contract. He was found to have an ear infection. He continued to be treated for this until February 2012 when they discovered an ear polyp that was causing the chronic infections. It was removed and the vet said it had been there a while, so it is obvious that he already had it when I got him. He has a 50% chance of it returning, if it continues to come back he may have to have his ear canal removed ! ! I have been wondering how it is possible that he got a health certificate to fly. Just today 3/24/12 I received the paperwork to fill out for his pedigree. Only then did I know that he came from "Elegant Rags" I had no idea there was another cattery involved with my cat. I did a search and found these reports on Jessica Perry, who's name was on all my paperwork. Although my cat's issues are no where near as serious as the ones I have been reading about something needs to be done about this cattery. My heartfelt sympathies go out to those who have lost kittens from Elegant Rags.

I did my research on Love Ragdolls and it looked good. I will do more research if I choose to get another Ragdoll.

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