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Elegance Banquet Hall / Worst Service

1 E 19 St / E 4 Ave Hialeah, FL, United States

My sister reserved this banquet hall for a homecoming dance for school I went along because the owner was giving us a really good deal and I'm soon to do my daughters quinceanera's party. She showed us all the ammenities they have and how they've remodeled the hall everything looked real pretty inside . I did not like the outside of the building or its surroundings. I went to the homecoming dance because if the service was good and the food was good I will overlook the outside of the building and book my daughters fifteen there too. My sister booked the hall for 80 guests. Everything started as planned. When they started serving the salad no one on my table got one, I also noticed that they stopped serving all together. Well it turns out that they were not going to serve anyone else because we had an additional 15 guests and they needed to get pay for, which is understandable, but not only did they have to pay for these guests bu they weren't going to serve them any food because they did not have enough. I've never heard of such thing, in most cases if not all you pay for the extra guests and everyone eats problem solved, not here they wanted to get paid additionally but they wanted to get paid for services they weren't going to provide the owner stated that since those guests were there even if they were not eating they were usisng the faciliies such as the restrooms and the hall therefore we neede to pay or they will not serve anyone even those that were paid for. My sister worked it out and paid additional just to have her other guests served. I still did not get my salad they did not have enough food for the 80 people that it was originally reserved for, they ran out of salad plain and simple that was what she told us they did not have enough so all the teachers the were there went without eating. When the food arrived it was cold very small portions. I will not recommend this banquet facility to anyone I'm glad I was able to go first before booking it other wise god knows what would've happened. The owner was rude she might give you a good price but is not worth the aggravation or the embarrassment with your guests, she does not know how to conduct business and I will make sure I will let everyone know of the terrible service she provides.


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