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Electronic Goldmine / Bad service

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I am very upset about this company. I ordered some items in quantities less than 10, to see if their service was ok and it turned out ok. Nothing special, but I found some good deals.

Then I placed my second order, wanted to purchase 40 switches along with some other stuff. I waited 4 days and sent an e-mail asking if my order was shipped. No response in 4 days. Then I e-mailed again and no response again. Then I called them and had been told one of the item was backordered and they were holding my order. No heads up, no notices, nothing till that point. I was asked if it was ok, I told no, but what can I say. Ok WAIT FOR THE GOOD PART.

My previous orders was shipped after 8 days and I was aware of the fact that small businesses do not always have good customer service and let it go. Than I gave my third order and waited for 2 days, then I sent an e-mail telling that "please do not hold my order, ship whatever you can." this times I recieved the response in 24 hours, saying that "due to excessive complaint, we cancelled your acount and order". Honest to God, I only said "no, it is not ok, but what can I say" No further comments.

As a conclusion, I am very dissatisfied with them, they caused me to loose some business and have the arrongance tto tell I complaint a lot. I have yet to see or hear something like that before.


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  • Lt
      19th of Apr, 2009
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    The customer is always right, and you should have been notified for about the backorder. But it also sounds like youre an impatient whiner.

  • Mm
      10th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Admittedly they are pretty slimy. Not only do they sit on orders
    forever despite their false advertising to the contrary. But when
    (not if) they ship you defective merchandise the response from
    them is "hey, it's all surplus stiff. You get what you get." Nice.

    I had the misfortune of having the owner pick up the phone
    once when I called to inquire on quantity availability of an item.
    He essentially barked at me for expecting them to have quantity
    stock of the item (even though it was advertised on their website
    in quantity) and went on about how they "buy the remains of
    companies going down", and quickly ended the call. Nice.

    Their shipping "policy* is equally suspect. You pay a surcharge
    over the UPS rate and they don't even pack the purchased
    items competently. That winds up as shipping damage and you
    get to puck up the phone for another cycle of abuse.

    I'd avoid these jokers if at all possible.

  • Ja
      4th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Couldn't agree more; their customer service quite possibly could be the worse I have dealt with. I originally used my physical address for shipping (which USPS cannot deliver to), as my package was supposed to be shipped via UPS. However, The Electronic Goldmine sent my package USPS, and it could not be delivered. After waiting over a week for my package, I was informed that the address provided was undeliverable, and that it would cost me another $7.00 (27% of my original order - which I already paid over $5 to ship) to reship the envelope-sized order to a "valid" address.

    I wrote customer service, informing them that their shipping policy per their website was misleading; they say orders will be shipped via USPS "if you have your order shipped" that way. Response was off-topic, and demanded another $7.00. Email etiquette was absurd. When I finally called, I spoke to a very rude, apathetic woman by the name of Elaine. She said it was my responsibility to give them a valid USPS address, even though their website claims to use UPS. After a few minutes of talking to the brick wall, I asked for a refund. They refunded me 80% of the original price paid - and it STILL hasn't made its way back into my account, so even that is to be told.

    Will not order from them again. Prices are good, but the customer service is a joke. Will gladly pay a few extra $$ to have confidence in my seller.


    Ended up getting my 80% refund. However, they removed the domestic shipping info from their website, and now deny ever establishing a default carrier. As an earlier reviewer mentioned, these guys are "admittedly pretty slimy."

    Thankfully I have their website cached for the BBB ;)

    Buyer beware!

    WWW.DIGIKEY.COM! (Better prices, better service!)

  • Ve
      14th of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    I purchased several large, heavy, expensive, high-performance DC motors from Electronic Goldmine. The motors I received were so poorly packaged, that several of the plastic encoder covers and encoder optical wheels had been smashed by the weight of the motors, during shipping. I explained the problem to Electronic Goldmine, so they shipped replacement motors. You might think that knowing about the poor packaging and damaged product, would make them package the replacements better than the first shipment. The packaging, the second time, was even worse than the first shipment. So these replacement motors encoders arrived even more smashed. To save Electronic Goldmine the expense of multiple shipping refund costs, I waited for all of the motors to arrive at my home, so that all returns could be made at once (for one shipping charge). Then Electronic Goldmine told me that I had exceeded the thirty day return period. So they would not reimburse me for the several EXPENSIVE motors that had been destroyed by their own stupidity. How is that for business ethics?

  • Ds
      26th of Feb, 2014
    0 Votes

    What ticks me off is their excessive shipping charges. I emailed to complain one time after a couple of incidents where I had a shopping cart loaded up but balked at the excessive amount for shipping. Didn't hear back. Recently I was trying to figure out their logic, whether it was the dollar amount of the order or the weight of the order. It doesn't seem to matter. I put 20 small plastic gearmotors in a cart. They were $0.99 each. (I had bought one before so I know how small and light they are)The merchandise total was $19.80. The shipping was going to be $22.00. Needless to say I dumped the cart. They are just making money off the shipping for anyone who is willing to pay it. I'm not. The last two orders I placed from Surplus Shed were fairly large orders and the box was not light. Shipping was only $6.00 each time. I can recommend them. They are nice guys.

  • Ba
      28th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    Watch out or they will triple your shipping
    cost. I put in a order and checked out, paid with my card, received
    the below email telling me they received the order. Two days later I
    received a call letting me know if I wanted the order I would need to
    pay $143 for shipping. STAY AWAY!!! this is actually the
    2nd time this happen to me in 5 orders through them. The first time I
    figured it was just a glitch in their system. Now I see it a way to
    recover some cost when they put items on sale at a special price. I
    rechecked my orders with them and the other time this happen...I
    bought a item that was on sale at a lot lower price. Email I received
    confirming this orderThank you for ordering from Electronic Goldmine. ITEM# DESCRIPTION QTY TOTAL --------------------------------------------------------------------------- G18959 SALE! - FLOJET 60PSI Boat Washdown Pump40 $400.00 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- G19641 4Ft 2 Cord 10Amp Extension Cord 30 $38.70 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUB TOTAL: $438.70 TAX: $0.00 SHIPPING: $44.75 U.S. POSTAL SERVICE - (US CONTINENTAL ONLY) ORDER TOTAL: $483.45 If you have questions about your order or shipment, contact our customer service department at (480) 451-7454 between the hours of 8:30am and 4:00pm (Arizona Time Zone - MNT) Thank you for your order. Sincerely, Electronic Goldmine Two days later I received a call letting me know if I wanted the order I would need to pay another $143 for shipping."

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