Electrical Warehouse מחסני חשמלproduct delivery

This company has great prices but terrible delivery. I bought a portable air conditioner. They told me they would deliver it in one day. They apparently called me the first day, when my phone wasn't charged properly, but never called back. When I tried calling them, they took my number but didn't call back. On their website it indicated they had tried to deliver. I kept calling and the telephone assistant said they would deliver the air conditioner within one week. Yesterday I went to their warehouse and asked an agent to call the company office for me. She informed me the item would be delivered today (nine days after I bought it). The company had claimed that I would receive a phone call 1/2 hour before delivery. (How great is that. I work outside the house and don't know which day or at what time the air conditioner is to be delivered, and they are going to give me 1/2 hour notice to race home. And if I don't get home in time, they will return the item to the company warehouse!) In any case, they never called today, but when I went on line, it showed that they had tried to deliver but returned the product to the warehouse. Great, I suppose they drove by my house and waved and expected me to know psychically that they were there. At 2:30 in the afternoon, I called the company and the operator took my number and assured me they would call back before the close of the business day. They didn't, and that's not the first time they failed to return my calls. By the way, all of this is taking place in the middle of the beastly hot Israeli summer when living in a room that is not properly air conditioned will affect one's health.
If you buy a product from this company, I recommend saving the one hundred dollar delivery fee and picking the product up yourself, in a cab or your own car.

Aug 16, 2017

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