Electric Insurance Co. / Dragging out payment FOREVER

1 152 Conant St , Beverly Ma, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (800) 227-2757

My truck was struck from the rear by their insured, after which, it took them EIGHT months, and literally hundreds of phone calls before they paid my claim which was for (1) bumper, and (1) tailgate. Additionally, my truck sat for 15 days at their "inspection" center so they could "properly" determine the repair cost, (loss of vehicle use was not paid during this time, and nor was a rental provided) at which point the assesment report came back with incorrect year, model, and COLOR information on it and a repair cost estimate was insufficaint to replace the tailgate alone, much less the bumper. I ended up paying $1600.00 out-of-pocket to fix my truck after Electric Ins Co got done with me. Companys like this are not to be trusted.

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