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Electric and Gas Company / Overcharging

1 Bloomfield, NJ, United States

I too have a similar complaint. In the last 10 months, starting in march or so of 2009 my PSEG bills have skyrocketed. They continually estimated my bills until I filed a complaint with the Board of Public Utilities. I then got a new gas meter installed so that it could be read from the exterior of my home but when it came time for the first reading, the reader had to enter my home anyway and read it manually. It still isn't set up properly for exterior reading. Hoping this would help the situation the next bill still showed and estimated fee of 59.00 for gas and about 144.00 for electric. That might be ok for some people but I live alone in a 5 room house. Due to former illness I stay on the first floor because I have a hard time with stairs and the only bath in the house is on the first floor. Basically, I live in 3 rooms, I have no Washer/dryer-no dishwasher. MOST IMPORTANTLY MY HOUSE IS HEATED WITH OIL NOT GAS FROM PSEG. I have a gas stove of which I very rarely use the oven and the only other gas usage is the water heater. I have canvased my friends and neighbors and have come to the conclusion that although I work from home, (not alot of equipment) if my bills were in line with theirs I should be paying maybe 60.00 for electric and 20.00 for gas. That is alot less than the 200.00 I am currently being billed. No wonder people can't pay their bills with this economy. I think that it is time for a class action suit against PSEG for overcharging their customers. Anyone with me?


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