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elaines cafe / rancid food

1 station approach road margate ct9Margate, England, Kent, United Kingdom

after ordering and paying for a breakfast . i was eating the tomatoes when i became aware of a really horrid sour taste like neat vinegar my eyes were watering i all but threw up it took 4 hours for this feeling to subside i still feel ill when i think of tomatoes. at the time i gave the breakfast back and was too ill to argue about the problem when i went there the following day elaine told me there was nothing wrong with the food i told her the owner of her building had told her previously to change her tomato supplier . when i said this to my disbelief elaine told me she did not give a monkeys there was nothing wrong with the food . since this problem a few locals have all said they wont eat there for other similar reasons raw bacon etc etc. i have never ever felt the instant compulsion to throw up when eating these tomatoes were off and tasted sour really sour

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