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I spoke to Elagoon Digital manager which convinced me to try their so called Google local listing service. I paid for the service and later found out that the whole thing was just a scam and that these guys from Elagoon Digital have nothing to do with Google! They are real cheaters and it is totally impossible to get a refund. I asked many times but they said that they cannot refund my money.
About a month later they called me and offered their service. I told them that I don't want anything from them except the money they stole from me and then they just hung up. Later I received another call with the same offer. Are you kidding me? First they scammed me and stole my money ($400), and then they decided to drive me crazy with their annoying phone calls! I really hate these guys! They turned my life into a real nightmare!

Aug 11, 2016
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  • C2
      Mar 27, 2017

    This review is not trustworthy at all. Your status shows that you have paid in India and we do not charge anything in dollars from Indian clients. If you really have any issue, then either get back to us with complete information about the project so that we can find out if there was anything wrong with it. You can even reply to our email asish.[protected]

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  • El
      Mar 26, 2018

    Elagoon Digital is a Cheater and Fraud Company.
    After I got a new domain, someone from Elagoon Digital calling me again and again claim they can do webdesign for everything. I refused to do anything due to the price was way higher than what I expected. In December 2017, they send email to me about Christmas discount for a new webdesign. I was busy to handle everything by myself. Just make a try. The company is from India. They claimed can do everything, what I need a very simple database on my new website and otherwise it is similar like my existing website. The person said it could complete in about 3 weeks including new web design. But when doing details, they kept working on cosmetic designs and without touch the DB but asking paying more and more and telling me it is much much harder than what was initial requirement. The price will be much higher than what initially said. So far it cost three month, I did not see anything yet. I just give up whatever I paid. Be aware of this India company

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