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eHarmony / billing fraud!

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In January 2007 I thought I had signed up for one month of service. They won't stop billing me. I emailed them a couple of times to tell them that I want them to stop. It is September now and I'm still getting billed 49.99 a month. I called them yesterday and was told that I signed up for a automatic renewal service saving 10 dollars a month. They are very deceptive because I only wanted to try them out. Do I have to report my credit card stolen to get them to stop?

Advise smb!

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  • Di
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    I saw that eharmony recently put a new feature on their site called Verify your ID. Now, when I go into my home page - it no longer says that my profile is complete, but because of this newly added feature, it now says Profile Incomplete. When I clicked on this verify your ID bullcrap, I discovered that it is a ridiculous ploy to get more money (done very mischeveously) out of their customers! Well people are going to lie about their profiles ANYHOW. This feature does and means NOTHING! It appears to be just another way for eharmony to scam money out of their innocent and soul searching clients. Shame on You eharmony. That's all I have to say!

  • Ja
      24th of Apr, 2008
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    I joined eHarmony and discovered they give you a match and when you get to stage 3 the person just dissappears. I went onto the eHarmony discussion boards actually on eHarmony's website. I was amazed at how many people have said... what happens at stage 3.. people just dissappear.. YES that is my question.. does eHarmony have some sophiticated system to lure people into the idea that they have found you a great match witht he prospect of meeting them when in fact the match is bogus and automatically transmitted to you - and designed to dissappear at stage 3 - because after that they are then to get intouch direct with you.. but if it IS a bogus person they obviously they cannot get in touch with you and that is why they "all of a sudden" dissappear..

    eHarmony NEEDS to be investigated - its a scam to get money out of people!!

    The billing they do not allow you to unsubscribe.. this is another challenge!!!

  • Br
      20th of Jul, 2008
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    I had done a very similar thing to go on for a trial period and then I just noticed that they started to charge me via my Paypal and have done so for the last 5 months @$29.95 per month. Guess I now am going to have to monitor my Paypal account to make sure there are no more of these illegal payments being made.

    I prepaid for the trial period last year and then expected it to stop and it did stop, but obviously somebody decided to start it up again...NOT ME. I haven't used it for obvious reasons.

    Needless to say, I'm not too happy and will attempt to get my money back via my ATTORNEY if it comes to that and it probably will. But, maybe that will work.

  • Ja
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I had the same things happen. I signed up for one month only and couldn't find a place to stop auto-renewal. I could only see a place to cancel immediately, presumably keeping you from using the rest of the month you paid for. A salesperson called to get me to sign up for more, but I told her that I didn't want to sign up for more. I told her she could call back in case I changed my mind, but that I wanted to cancel the auto-renew and couldn't find it. Instead of directing me to where I could cancel it online, she said she would do it for me. She did not, and I go charged another fifty bucks. I immediately cancelled my account online, which I thought was not necessary due to the salesperson saying they would cancer the auto-renew. I took out my photo and all the info I could get out. I also called the number that had been used to make the sales call and left a message. No one returned my call. I called a few days later, and no one returned my call. Finally, I got a phone number off a complaint board and called them. They tried to get me to sign up for more months, but then after a long conversation said they were no authorized to refund my money. I said I would begin recording the call, and they hung up on me. They sent me an email asking me to describe the "match" that I was having problems with. I responded, saying that I was not having problems with a match and described the problem. They emailed me back refusing to refund my money but said I could make a "comment" to some address in California, emphasizing that it was no guarantee that I would get my money back. I called my bank who said they could reverse the charges. The bank had me write up a long statement and said they would submit it to VISA. Then, I got a letter from the bank that said I only canceled my account but didn't cancel the renewal. I called them and they said that that was based on what eharmony said. They said they would check into it and call me back. They called back and said that because I had not cancelled the autorenewal on the internet, I could not get a refund. They asked me for proof that I'd canceled my account. This, after I mentioned that eharmony was still sending me emails as though I was a member. They told me to take it up with the company.

    Basically, I found that even though I only signed up for one month and asked the representative to cancel the autorenewal and she said she would, I am still being charged a monthly fee and receiving annoying emails. Even though the morning of the first day after my month expired, I called them and told them they shouldn't have charged my account and also manually ripped my info out of my account and manually canceled it, they didn't return my calls and claim I have not canceled my auto-renew.

    This company emphasizes that they screen for character, but they are not customer-oriented and do not do what they say. They set things up to trick you out of money when you say you don't want more than what you asked for. Even cancelling your account requires careful attention as their cancellation process includes attempts to divert you from it.

    This company should be disciplined as they are stealing money from customers who don't want any further service and didn't sign up for it in the first place. You can't trust anything they say verbally, and don't count on them even respecting what you do online.

    I had been planning to go back later in the year and sign up for more time as I had been a client previously and felt that it was a worthwhile service at that time. However, I will never deal with this company again, and buyer BEWARE!!! They don't practice what they preach. The dangers of online dating start with the dating service eharmony!

  • Ja
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Just called them again. They told me again that I couldn't talk to a supervisor. Finally they gave me a supervisor who told me that my auto-renewal had been turned off but that I could not have a refund and that I could not talk to anyone else but that someone would email me within the next ten-fifteen minutes. Basically, they are going to hold on to my fifty dollars like their lives depend on it, even though it is clear that I only wanted one month and immediately contacted them when it was apparent that they had not turned off my auto-renewal as they said they would.

    Buyer BEWARE. Eharmony is unethical and far less concerned about their customer satisfaction than about immediate monetary gains, even if by deceit.

  • I0
      24th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Beware, indeed. eHarmony is still up to no good. Yes, they advertise as a company concerned with character and integrity, all the while charging for auto-renewal on an account that has been cancelled. I cancelled my account AND the auto-renewal as well. I demanded my money back. Long story short -they will not, will not, will not return my money. Just as the last post, I am usually articulate and assertive enough to...well, get what I want. The auto-renewal is for a one-month period, so I decided to let them have the money if they were that desperate; it was just not beneficial to spend my time arguing. However, here I am still talking about it...hhmmm, guess I am angrier than I realized.

  • Sh
      1st of Oct, 2015
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    Eharmony and other sights have developed a very slick and deceptive means of upgrading your account to a longer period when it is clearly not what you intended. Here is what they do - you click to sign onto a 1 or 2 month subscription, you put in your payment info, be it your bank account or PayPal. The second you click the payment button, your account is converted to a 6 or 12 month account and you are charged for it. Unless you are paying attention, you will never notice it until your bills start coming. Try to find a confirmation email of the account you signed up for. You won't find it. It disappears. Then all you have is your word against theirs as to what you actually signed up for. Guess who is going to win that one? This happened to me on eharmony first and I am still trying to clear that one up - it won't happen short of a lawsuit and they know it so they continue their unethical business practices. I went to upgrade my free account at POF from free to a 2 month account. As soon as I clicked on PayPal, my account suddenly changed to a 6 month account! Luckily, I caught that one and immediately cancelled the account. They threaten you that if you cancel or stop an account, you will never be able to open another one. And that is a bad thing? Stay away from all online dating sites. They are the slickest, most unethical businesses out there. There needs to be a huge investigation into their business practices. Anyone know a good attorney willing to take them on?

  • Sa
      26th of Apr, 2017
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    I just noticed In March 2007 still have eharmony I thought I had signed up for more Two years of service. They won't stop billing me. I emailed them a couple of times to tell them that I want them to stop. It is now and I'm still getting billed USD 32 a month. I them yesterday and was told that I signed up for a automatic renewal servDo I have to report my credit card stolen to get them to stop?

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