Egyptian International MotorsCustomer complaint ...brake issue

I have a Renault Fluence 2014 full option car number is 8184 ...I report the following problem in my car with the service center in Egypt ( Abo Rawash branch) problem is, I had a very strange sound from the front brake when I returned back with the car ...this problem is related to the front brake which I consider it a safety problem which also may affect the safety of the car and its passengers ... This problem was reported at the 15000 km service and also at the 20000 km service as well ...each time they tell me that it was a problem in the brake zipping and it has been well fixed...then after 3 or 4 days the same problem comes again ...although this problem was a repeated problem in 15000 and 20000 km services ...I am now at Abo Rawash service center for the 25000 km service and now the reception engineer (Ahmed Samy) refused to report this problem again as it is a repeated for third time, because it is Saturday and the service center can not do any fixing because they are short of staff ...and when I told him, , in that case I have to do a complain then I received a very bad treatment and he told me that they can not be threaten and they will not receive this car ...actually it was a very strange behavior from Renault Egypt which forced me to speak directly to the Engineer of the workshop who dealt with me directly and finally they accepted my car as the head of the workshop told me that he will check the brake from a personal action as the repair order which I have received has no any mention about this brake unusual sound as they put a condition to receive the car which is not repotting any repeated issue relates to brakes which made me very frustrated and upset from Renault Egypy repaire order number is 183929 dated 20 Dec 2014 ...for your info ..I have taken a vacation from my work on the 15000 and 20000 km service which was done at the official Renult Service center which also were not Saturdays to fix this mentioned repeated problem but nothing done till now and today also in the 25000 km service they refused even to mention this repeated issue on my repair order given a very bad treatment and a very bad indication about Renault service centers which frankly speaking will force me to pass this message to all of my friends and relatives through the social media and to prove that in case of any accedident related to a brake issue I will charge and return on Renualt with the impact and responsibilities ...

Dec 20, 2014

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