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yeah so if you do a simple google search for eglobalwireless complaints, my story is just like everyone else. I ordered, received nothing 2 weeks later, and had the worst customer service experience, oh yeah, there was none...So anywho...I decided i would share with you all a few things you CAN do if you have fallen victim to these jerks. (I emailed this "erik" and he DID email me back, i told him i wanted 100% of my money or i wasnt going to stop. He said he would reduce the cancellation fee, but i refuse to give him a single here is what i would like you all too do.

1. CALL YOU BANK/CREDIT CARD and get your money back.
2. FInd your local Attorney General's Office Website and File a Complaint.
3. Go to and email them
4. Google "Internet Crime Complaint" and you will see a site that passes info on the FBI.
5. Contact the Federal Trade Commission. Write to the FTC Consumer Response Center, Washington, DC 20580 or call toll-free 1-877-FTC-HELP [protected]). You can also file electronically, choose the “Consumer Complaint? Report it to the FTC” link at

I figure if we all kick and scream to the right people (not this "erik") we may get results. I also have a few more things in play but i know this "erik" stalks this board to try and redeem himself...I just asked for my money guess maybe he should have done it.

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  • Eg
      15th of Dec, 2010
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    Thank you for your email. We are far from a scam, we are however a multi million dollar company that has been in business since 2003. I do not "stalk" these boards, I am making myself available to resolve issues. My actions stand for something, I am doing the right thing. Feel free to contact me or call! 877-345-6225 ext 374.

    Happy Holidays!


  • He
      20th of Dec, 2010
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    Bernie Madoff was a multi-million dollar company as well.

  • Ap
      21st of Dec, 2010
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    This is scary I hope I get my notebook and it better be in good condition or I am going to have it shut down

  • Co
      21st of Dec, 2010
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    honey good luck we have all had our money stolen if you google the address to this company 7523 silverwoods ct Boca raton fl...33433 you will see a picture of the house with boxes in the garage his real name is yanki hofstetter...we all have been scammed contact as many agencies as you can so we can shut them down Federal trade generals office and bbb and this link you can also make a complaint with the fbi on their website we have them listening... is another organization you can report to...we have these people listen you need to be heard...theese people are ripping so many people off they need stopped

  • Ca
      25th of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    to all who have been scammed by this company and now have to explain this to their children for them having a crappy christmas (thanks to Erick and his back door scam company) do what i did complain to everyone, and comsumer protection if we all make complaints on these websites something will be done one complaint cant stand alone but with numbers we can make a difference and him stating one minute his company and the next Im only a employee is a bunch of bull also him stating he dosent get complaints well you dont read much than do you also stating your accredited by the BBB is such a lie because when i went on the web site to file my complaint it states in LARGE RED letters this is NOT an accredited company so Mr. Multi Billion Dollar Company (Erick or whatever your name is) if your company makes so much money and you dont have many complaints take care of the ones who are complaining and fix your reputation (if its not already too late for that) and just give what your website promised 100% customer satisfaction, NEW/UNUSED products in the unsealed packaging or return our money in full thats all we ask you already ruined so many childrens christmas'

  • Di
      27th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    lil'Dee...thank you for the advice! I have filed a complaint with my local AG Office so far and am working on the list you provided. I FINALLY got my sons netbook today. This was supposed to be his "Santa" gift. It came in a USPS Priority Mail Tyvek envelope!! The box the netbook was in is crushed. There are scratches on the screen and to top it off we can't even turn it on because when I plugged it in to charge the battery, the AC/DC Adapter that came with it starting shooting sparks and a pop sound came from inside I quickly pulled it out of the wall socket and it was HOT!! and smells like an electrical fire. Now the AC/DC Adapter rattles when you shake it! I am contacting my bank now because I have been trying to call eglobal only to get the "Im sorry this mailbox is full" *click* I have tried calling even you Mr. Erik and have not recieved a return phone call from last week! Also...Where is my 2 year warranty information??????????

  • Ap
      28th of Dec, 2010
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    For anyone who has been scammed and for those of you who almost got electrocuted by this product you received from elglobal wireless...I have some advice, try contacting your local police department to see what advice they have for you about the situation at hand. That is what they are there for. If I received a package like that from walmart with a sparking computer in shoddy packing (when the website did NOT say used computer) I would contact walmart and get my money back. With eglobalwireless, they put a statement on their webpage where you have to pay 25% restocking fee. It is my belief they send out faulty packages to get people to return them, so they get the product back, and the restocking fee!
    Please contact authorities, some might be more helpful than you think!
    If you get brushed off, stick with the better business bureau (eglobalwireless has an F rating, meaning DONT order there)
    and fbi. thanks

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