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Ok im going to try and make this short and sweet but this has ben a long overdrawn process... Back in December 2008 my wife and I were contacted by this company that told us they could save our home for $1, 578.00 and that was it. after almost four months I never heard anything from them and when I called I recieved voicemails etc, Never a call back!!! Finally on 3/31/09 I got a call back from Mike barker who stated that he has ben busy he will start working on my case right away.At this time the company was called Hope 4 Soloutions. On 4/8/2009 I called back to check my status and the company name had changed to The National Foreclosure Consultants Group laa dee daa!!! At this time the run arround had gotten better but not even near satisfactory performance. a few more months went by and of course all my information needed updated cost me lots of money to keep going to office max to fax coppies but if someone had ben doing what I paid them for they wouldnt have needed updated information.about 2 weeks ago I recieved a letter from the court stating that my house will be sold on july 20th by auction.This upset me extremely these people havent done a thing I paid them to do!!! They call me back on 6/30/2009 and state that they need more updated check stubs and tax info so i give it to them to never get a call till today 7/14/2009 after numerous voicemails etc.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Woodbury, NJThey tell me that Us Bank wants 3, 000 dollars to save my home!!! Of course im fustrated at this time and i demand my money back and naturally no one is in the office that can do so.. how convienent!!! Out of fustration i call us bank my mortgage company and ask them about how often they spoke with them.. suprise suprise they hav barely even contacted them untill yesterday!!! and not only that its only 1, 394.00 to save my home paid directly to them!!! So at this point my thinking cap turns on... hey why dont we call them back and tell them we have a family member that will pay the money if they email us a letter stating how much they need from us to save our home!!??? So we do once gina dean gets on the phone we ask her... She says well she needs to call back and comfirm with the company it may be more??!!! GOT YA RED LIPPPED!!! i inform her that we already spoke with themand they told us 1, 394.00 directly to them and its done!!! and they inform us thats exactly what they told her even played back the conversation for us!! I informed them i want my money back or I contact the states attourney's office. they said no need the people who give the refunds are mysteriously back in the office now!!! and they will call me right back!! so after 10 minuites go by this Velahos attourney jackoff calls me back and has the nerve to ask me why i deserve to have my money back!!! while hes screaming and pitching a fit!! he says im not getting it and thats it. rest assured im filing with the states attourneys office and using some on my frequent flyer miles to pay him a visit tommorow :)

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