Efollett Bookstore on CampusPracticing manager Kim

On the 195th I was third in line to purchase books at west hills college lemoore california campus when the line kept getting longer and longer as well as the wait time. To my surprise, the manager kim was enjoying recently brought starbucks and 3 visitors. All while there was a line of about 50 students and one worker helping. 45 minutes later it is my turn. I inquired as to why only one register was open, kim informed me she was busy helping other people (Who were behind the desk by this time and speaking of their dinner plans for later that evening) I apologized to the one girl doing her job that she is swamped and she politely said "it's ok, i've been here a week now.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lemoore, CA I'm getting used to her. " once my transaction was complete I informed kim I would be complaining about her lazy skills, she flat out said "fine, I do not care. " and she finished speaking with her boyfriend and young child.
I thought someone should be aware of her behavior and her not doing her job during critical times. Get those kids helped so they can get back to learning. I will never use the west hills bookstore again until I return my books. She was just unpleasant and wrong. She needs a stern speaking to and possible termination. She wasn't at, she was at work where she should have been doing just that. Not flirting with other staff members.

Jan 23, 2017

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