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Ive just have just found out that my credit rating was blacklisted by a mobile phone company two years ago for a phone worth about 70pounds. I have been a student and moved house constantly and as such was not aware of the default on my account which means i cant get high street finance for 6 whole years. I had paid the account off but ee had mis allocated the funds. Me and my wife have not been able to get a mortgage because of this. . . Ee have agreed they have messed up and are agreeing to remove the default but im thinking can i get bad credit compensation for this. Any help would be great. Thanks rob

Sep 23, 2014
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  • Tu
      Dec 11, 2014
    ee - EE 4g very slow, signal low
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    United Kingdom

    EE 4G is very slow in many areas in london. and telephony service is also terrible. when you go somewhere undersground it doesnt work when other providers work !!

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