Edwardsville Mobile Home ParkManagement

I am wanting to know why the rules of the park are not followed by everyone. When Nikki Dutcher posts something in the monthly newsletter only certain tenants are required to do them. I have lived here for over 5 years and I thought we were getting better management when she took over. I have told her a LOT of things that are going on in the park and one group in particular has no rules. She makes excuses for them every time. I live on Delaware St. The mobile Home at 248 is not occupied by the owner, when it was supposedly handed over to the people that are living there now, the fence did not come down. The girl, Tabatha, is a felon (her Dad that used to live there told me) and she got out of prison for kidnapping and child endangerment, when I told Nikki, she said she passed a background check. The mobile home is falling apart even the owner said he would like to junk it out, the floors are falling in and there is mold in the bathroom. She is "fostering" 5 pit bull dog pups, plus the 3 grown ones. as far as I am concerned she is dangerous, she is bi-polar with a mental condition. The police have been called out several times. In our December newsletter, Nikki said that any inoperable vehicle will be towed if they don't explain to her their intentions of fixing or removing it. I told her about the Ford Taurus that has been sitting in front of 252 Delaware since the spring. She will not do anything about any concern or complaint that I have, instead she tells me to pray for them...really??? When I asked why the couple at 248 gets to live there when they don't own it, she said they are in the process...that has been over a month. I am not the only one complaining about management...I have talked to several people that live here. If something doesn't get done soon, we are going to move out. We have NEVER been late in our rent and went along with every increase without complaint but I just can't understand why some of us has to go by the rules and others don't. Thank you for you time, Beverly Hughey...253 Delaware

Jan 24, 2017

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