Edwards Plumbing and HeatingHorrible Manager

We got a service order for a store in Ann Arbor, when the technician was on site he discovered the phone number listed for check in/out was wrong, as was the contact number for the store. He called me (Dispatch manager) and i verified the numbers were accurate (what was sent in the work order). I then called them and he was indeed correct. The check in/out number was disconnected. Hhhmmm strange. The store number was a fax. okay. So I called a number listed in the email sent and got a VERY rude lady and while she was checking on this (I assume, because she never explained she was putting me on hold, just did it, twice) the call dropped. Dan Velez called back and was very belligerent. Extremely rude. I explained the situation and he basically said my tech was wrong, he lied. I then explained that I, too, had checked and he was right. He then asked what I wanted?! I explained my tech needed to check in/out and needed an authorization number, to which he replied "you are talking to me now, what can i do for you" in a ticked off manner. Long story short, he was EXTREMELY rude and aggressive. I asked multiple times to speak to his boss, or another manager and he refused. He was also very rude to the tech on site AND the manager of the store. I am shocked Dan Velez is a manager.

Feb 05, 2015

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