Edward Jones / edward jones advisor

Michigan city, IN, United States

My wife was trying to get a job as an advisor with Edward Jones, she was getting advice from an advisor Michael R. Kopec from Michigan city IN. He was inappropriately texting her and she went with it thinking if she didn't she wouldn't get the job. He is married with a family. We ended up separated bc of the texting and he forged his wife's signature on divorce papers to show my wife so he could sleep with her. So if you have an employee lying/cheating on his wife and lying to others when he's supposed to be helping get them a job with Edward Jones and using the "Edward jones" name to have affairs how can anyone trust that. If he lies and cheats on his wife using the name what will everyone think he'd do to them and their money? I will make sure to let social media know about his scandalous ways.

May 2, 2017

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