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Edward F. Mason / TV Guide channel on Mediacom

1 1524 Hickory LaneMahomet, IL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 217-586-2139

Here's the thing. We have Mediacom phone service, high speed internet and 6 televisions. Two of our television sets have expanded cable. The four that do not, now have no way of knowing what programs are on unless we go to the internet to find your daily programming guide that is too long to print out. It would take in excess of three sheets of paper each day to do that. Yes, I know somehow I could access the programs through the two sets that have expanded cable. Great!!! But, those two sets are my husbands and I have no knowledge of how to use the remote to find them. If I am settled down in my easy chair to watch a television I don't want to go to a room with expanded cable to ask my husband, if he is home, to find the programming. Before TV Guide channel was taken off the air, they suggested we use the TV programming guide in our local newspaper. That paper is The Champaign News-Gazette. I do keep one handy but discovered that there are 16 channels you carry that are not even listed there. OK. Another suggestion of yours is to buy a TV Guide. In Mahomet, our local grocer is IGA. The charge for a TV Guide each week would be $3.99. I don't know if tax is charged for print matter, but if I were to buy the TV Guide each week that would amount to $207.48. We are on Social Security and that is a lot of money to us. I find it very unusual that the very company that supplies us with television 24 hours a day does not realize that the TV Guide Channel was very important to us. Perhaps this a ploy to make us have expanded cable in each room where we have a television set. More money for you...less money for us. Or, just maybe you are waiting to fill that now vacant spot with some television station that will pay you more than TV Guide did. A win-win for you both ways.
Not only do I miss the TV Guide Channel, I watched it a lot. I know a lot of it was about American Idol, but there were interesting things to watch when there was nothing I wanted to see elsewhere.
All of this, just to tell you how upset I am that you dropped The TV Guide Channel on #22 in our area. I would appreciate you responding with a plausible answer for this ommision.
Mrs. Edward F. Mason, l624 Hickory Lane, Mahomet, Il 61853

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  • Jj
      2nd of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I agree completely! And now after June 2nd changes, I cannot get all the channels I'm supposed to get! called, was told try again June 3rd as not all changes are working. Not taking any bets!
    I too am totally disgusted & intend to make a change due to the fact I pay $66 month for LESS and not even a TV Guide channel anymore!
    Shame on you Mediacom!
    You are just too care...

  • Jj
      2nd of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    and the changes of June 2nd are not working; was told to try again june 3rd, not all things were right yet.
    And no TV Guide; shame on you Mediacom!!!

  • He
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    Subject: MediaCom removal of FREE TV Guide/Guide Plus+ channel listing

    MediaCom in Huntsville, Alabama removed their TV Guide channel in April 2009. This action was a result of adding "new & improved" equipment for the digital transformation, PLUS MediaCom wants customers to purchase a package with their new TV Guide. However, during the equipment upgrade, the embedded channel listing used by some users was discontinued. Home use appliances sold over recent years such as TVs, VCRs, recordable DVD machines, DVRs, etc. have the ability to view and easly record TV programming from a FREE embeded signal as part of TV Guide/Guide Plus+ (a TV Guide listing can be seen with the touch of a button and recording options available). Without the embedded TV Guide/Guide Plus+ listing, many users could not easly view & record programming. If you are in this situation, PLEASE notify your local MediaCom office and complain that your equipment is no longer receiving the embedded TV Guide/Guide Plus+ listing. You will be given some lip by the representative, but be persistent until they locate a technical person who can answer your complaint.

    Since April, I have been visiting my local MediaCom office and inquiring about the TV Guide/Guide Plus+ listing. I had concluded that MediaCom was trying to force me to purchase a package in which the new MediaCom TV Guide resides (MediaCom tech support said I would require a $7.95/month box plus another $$$ package). Today (June 3) I was finally told that my research was correct and the FREE TV Guide/Guide Plus+ used to be embedded in the CBS affiliate channel (sometimes embeded in PBS channel). The local MediaCom manager advised me that ALL MediaCom regions are affected by this and will require another equipment upgrade in order to allow customers to receive the FREE TV Guide/Guide Plus+ channel listing. No timeline was given on when the equipment upgrade would take place, however I was told that MediaCom will probably make the change eventually.

    Again, if you are a cable TV subscriber (especially MediaCom) and you are in this situation, contact your local cable office. The more complaints the office receives, the quicker action will take place. If you are a MediaCom customer in Huntsville, AL, contact Tommy at the MediaCom office (123 Ware Drive Northeast).

    Good luck! Jeff

  • Ma
      10th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Check TVGuides online website to find out when shows will air. It is free.

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