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Educational Evaluation Service / Completely unprofessional Service

1 Bowling Green Station P.O. Box 5087 New York, NY 10274-5087 New York, NY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 212-966-6311

As a faculty member working with international students, it is important that we have some kind of evaluation process for students coming from diverse educational systems. There are a number of evaluation services to use but some of our students and new foreign faculty who needed to have their credentials evaluated (state regulations) informed us of this particular agency.
As a member of faculty who has British qualifications, I decided to test the service as I honestly could not believe the service was as bad as some were informing us.
Unfortunately, now from my own experience I can completely understand our students and two faculty members' frustrating experience.
I paid for a course by course evaluation of my qualifications which amounted to four degrees including my PhD. However my first degree was carried out in the 1980s at a then polytechnic now turned university.
That university informed WES that no transcripts were available for thirty years ago and they would supply a diploma supplement and other information in lieu of the transcript.
My other degrees had transcripts as required and a doctoral conferral letter, All of these had to be paid for by myself so please be aware that you may incur extra costs.
WES refused to give me a course by course evaluation because of the letter sent by that polytechnic-university and has said that they will only do a document by document evaluation which is not applicable for new faculty members or incoming students.
I informed them on the telephone and via email every day for the last 10 days to simply ignore that one undergraduate degree as I had another undergraduate degree with a transcript. It was essentially less work for them, they only had to evaluate my three degrees now not four. They simply refused even though I told them I was the one that had supplied them with the information about my degrees and that I had paid for a course to course evaluation.
The customer service was awful. The lady simply repeated over and over again, we cannot do a course to course evaluation. When I asked how I could remedy the situation. I was told to re-pay again and re-start the process.
I remained very polite on the telephone as I had read other reviews about the treatment given but I noted that I spoke to the same woman every day for 10 days. I am not sure how many staff members are working there but I thought it certainly beat the odds of coincidence to receive the same telephone operator. I believe she is the research associate.
I am still waiting for some documentation from them to come through - anything.
Interestingly, I noticed that every time I called, the information online would change from received documentation to waiting for documentation. It would change every two days. I was also told 7 out of the last 10 times that I called that a supervisor would call me back to give me more details and/or update me and no one ever did.
I suggest that frustrated clients should write to the Directors and Research Associates. If you access LinkedIn you can find all the relevant personnel listed there. You can find their names listed on their website listed under World Education news and reviews. The Director also has a blog called Dr. Education. Simply do a little research and take the various forms of recourse.
All of us who work with international students understand that you feel you are in a vulnerable position in such situations. However please continue to write your legitimate complaints online and to those concerned in order to help future students.
As regards faculty members with international qualifications, at all costs, avoid this service if possible. I understand that some universities and colleges insist on going through WES, it may be better to ask them to request your qualifications through the service rather than attempt to do it yourself as you may end up in the same situation as many students here.
These services are unregulated which is unfortunate.

Jun 11, 2013

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