EDUBmediaAwful everything

eDUBmedia electronic duplication of media company videographer Eric Slaughter does not have prior experience doing weddings. When I secured his services I stressed to him how important this would be due to the fact that we had a couple of important family members who could not attend. So we would need to send them a copy. Heather his wife made me believe that he could do the work. I trusted her however I have lost all respect for her unprofessionalism in this matter. Your wedding date is an important day and they both knew this. Heather was a beautiful bride and she would have been so disappointed if her video came out like this.

To cover up all of his mistakes that were made Eric Slaughter wrote the bride this incredible letter to justify why he should not be held accountable for any footage or persons not captured in the wedding video that were not specified prior to filming. Well if you think that the prayer was not important I am very surprise at you. We also had two talented young people ages 9&12 who played 5 instruments and he did not have any footage of them. The bride three sisters you got their back when the were giving her warm wishes. You completely do not had any prior experience because if you did you should know what needed to be covered. Also you camera men seem to lack the same knowledge you lack doing a wedding.

I am appalled at your behavior and I had requested that you reimburse the bride $700.00 however since your were being so rude and unprofessional to her I am going to request the FULL AMOUNT 1750.00 back from YOUR COMPANY. I have also had to have some professionals look at this and the both of them stated that it was the work of an inexperience person.

You also neglected to provide the bride with the RAW FOOTAGE, not a copy on a DVD. She needs it from the tapes you copied.

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