Edrugonline.comThey won't pay same people, WARNING! DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! CHANGED THEIR NAME FROM and ripped me and others off! They stole from me and never paid my commission, please stay away from them!
I started promoting the generics on my site using several small metro rag mags, because I don't spam, and had good response. I sold $1, 600 of product in the first month with $250 commission to me. I tracked both sides to make sure everything was cool, cause remember I was also a customer using tracking code. I then got an email:
Thank you for being a valuable affiliate of, the best online
source of quality generic drugs.

We are pleased to inform you that we are releasing your affiliate payment
as your earnings have crossed the minimum payout level of US$50.
I waited, and provided them with any info more they needed. Waited and sent two more emails with a response like "we are currently working on meeting your request, please be patient we will get payments out asap."

After no response I took them off my website and again emailed them without response. I tried to call, nothing. No support -- nothing. Next thing I know they changed their name to resolve to, same site, just a different name. Still no response and I can't log in to the affiliate site anymore. I would say I was ripped off and this happens, I'm just hoping my customers were not.


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