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EDP Reporting Card Services / Unauthorized withdrawals from account

1 United States Review updated:

I had $159.95 debited from my checking account on 5/14/07. Which overdrawn my checking accounting. I did not give this company to withdrawal any funds from my account. I was online and I remember I was completing a credit application and I was on the wrong site due to pop-ups. I immediately canceled and exited out of their website.


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  • Ma
      13th of May, 2007
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    EDP Reporting Card Services - They took $159.95 out of my checking account!
    United States

    $159.95 was debited out of my checking account on 5-5-07. I did not authorize this or know what it was for.

    Mary J. Roache.

  • We
      18th of May, 2007
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    I had an unauthorized deduction on the amount of 159.95 from my account. I never requested the services and I am extremely upset with this company. If this happens to anyone please contact your bank and report them to the fraud division. Put this money back in my account before I contact the Attorney General's office and the Better Business Bureau.

  • Me
      2nd of Jun, 2007
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    EDP Reporting and Card Services - Unauthorized withdrawals of funds
    United States

    I had $159.95 withdrawn from my checking account on 6/1/2007 without authorization and would like the money returned promptly. If the correct actions are not taken and my complaint disregarded legal actions will be taken.

  • Ke
      8th of Jun, 2007
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    I also was filling out a credit card app and then a few days later had $159.95 taken out of my account. I have called the company 3 times and have had no response. This is just plain crazy and makes me hate the path modern tech has taken!

  • Pa
      11th of Jun, 2007
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    EDP Reporting Card Services - Unauthorized withdrawal from account
    United States

    On June 8, 2007, EDP withdrew $159.95 from a special checking account that only I have authority to use but fore my disabled daughter's expenses. I have discovered she went online with the premise of rebuilding her credit, she thought she canceled but a month later they took money. Bank of America cannot do anything since it as done online by my daughter. I will be filing a complaint with the FTC and the State of Oregon Consumer Protection Division.

  • Vi
      12th of Jun, 2007
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  • An
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    Today I went online to check my balance in my checking account. IT WAS NEGATIVE!!! Why because, EDP has deducted $159.95 for what ever reason unknown to me. Now my account is negative and for a reason and money that i do not have to spend. When i tried to contact the company there has yet to be an answer. This company is a rip off and it is ashamed that they are stealing from honest hard working people.

  • Go
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    I too was filling out what I thought was a loan application, then I caught sight of some small print regarding giving authorization to take money from my account. I immediately exited the site, did not click on any other part of the site, only exit. Two days later on checking my back for a payment $159.95 was gone, I persuaded the bank to give me a copy of the check, it was a facsimile of my private check with a caption of where the signature should be. Per-Authorized Check - No signature required. Now if that is not FRAUD, I don't know what is.

    But it has not ended there, I now have a phone and a bill from AT&T for $93.68 also a maxed out credit card, both of which I have no knowledge of ordering.

    The phone is from Vonage another crooked company, but the credit card is Sterling Bank. What a mess.

  • Sh
      14th of Jun, 2007
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    I too have had a bad experience with this company today. I did not give authorization for the company to debit my account. I am a student and I do not have a lot of money. Therefore my account is currently NSF. I have contacted the bank and I hope to get my money back. I have also completed a form on BBB (Better Business Bureau) website hoping they will investigate this company also. This company also charges you every time you call them.

  • Si
      18th of Jun, 2007
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    DO SOMETHING YOU ALL SAY? Who? My story is similar to all of yours... filled out a loan app to pay a hotel bill, EDP got to the money FIRST, overdrew me on an account I'd never used, i sat in a bus bench for hours till i friend sent me loan!

    Bank of america's HELPING them by INSTANTLY declining and saying it is NOT FRAUD because YOU provided your own info online--that one is never to do that! now how could have opened my b of a online account had i not given info online?!!

    We are assured of how secure this is, that our info does not go to anyone other that those to whom we release it... fueeey! puh leeez!

    In addition to EDP another company called EQUITY FIRST took $124.69 on the same day from my account. I have not been able to reach them, and I'm afraid to try again--you get a phone number, which gives you a site, which caused trouble connecting online for DAYS! I wonder if they've got a virus on that site, so beware!

    Nobody will help us--a person here and there with $159.95: this is what WE DO... HELP OURSELVES, thus:

    Block this and ANY such companies from EVER collecting funds from you account again. in my case, i was advised to change the account number, however, that would cause a problematic wire transfer from europe--which has already taken 3 MONTHS to go through to be returned, since that account number would be marked 'closed'.

    next, WE wake up our individual banks by putting them on notice and telling them that authorizing these companies henceforth, would continue aiding and rabbeting them. They claim not to know now.

    Everyone of you reading this, who's gone through same, please google these companies, enter the individual [redacted] sites, copy the comments as well as those on THIS site.

    Send a batch to your bank's fraud department, one to your city's BBB, one to the FCC, (they control the internet) one to DATELINE NBC, ABC'S 20/20, CBS'S 60 MINUTES, your CITY'S LOCAL INVESTIGATIVE NEWS REPORTER

    TELEVISION is still the power that beats in this country. Forget the police--i read on one of those sites how the so-called, ''online assistants" at EDP taunts a woman, will to go to the police, that if the police says it is fraud, that they'd return the money!!!

    That's because they know the police would laugh and say they have such a load of unsolved murders that would shame your mouth shut forever, plus they'll say internet is the FCC, FBI, etc. do not be quiet. Use the power of TV.

    The power of a person here and there missing $159.95, flooding all major TV investigative show is mighty... i can just picture it--the good old days when heads of such companies cover their faces in shame, from the camera... then cut toi the scene with them in cuffs... AHHHHH... don't you love it?


    Next if one of you knows how to build a site do it. Set it up to record petitions from complainants. Finally, WE find an attorney to file a class action suit on our behalf. VINDICATION!!!

  • Si
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    Since my last post here: i went into a bank of America branch office and closed my accounts. this is what burns me to bits and something those of you scammed should bear in mind: these companies (in my case, EDP reporting and EQUITY FIRST) will keep trying to sponge funds from your account, if you do not close it!

    Worse yet, your bank will not only turn a blind eye, but will decline your claim instantly by blaming YOU for giving the information to ANOTHER legitimate company, then brazenly endevour to profit from it!!! The fraud on my account occurred on may 16th and 17th... i found out and brought it to BOFA's attention on may 21st--thereby making it incontrovertibly clear that i did NOT and will NEVER authorize subsequent access to my account by these two companies.

    On may 25th, 30th, june 4th, 9th, and 11th, EDP made overtures to my account by presenting transaction for $1 or 1 penny--to ascertain if the account is still open. One would think that with the heated and anguished chats i had with various BOFA staffers, there'd be a flag on this merchant... one would think.

    BOFA instead, ATTEMPTED (meaning they would have PAID more fraudulent charges to these companies, had i left money in the account!) to honor these fraudulent attempts to double, triple (etc)-dip into my accounts by these crooks--and adds insult to injury by charging ME 35 bucks EACH time to the tune of about $300!!!

    I find this tantamount to being penalized for NOT having money in my account for the embezzling predators to pilfer! At the moment, i await the receipt of a busload of forms from my bank, which I've been told includes a part I'm to take to a notary public, in addition to filing a police report.

    Why am i doing sooo much to prove that I've been robbed, whilst my bank continues to dole out my money to the company in question? this is why EDP reporting, EQUITY FIRST and its ilk are so brazen and confident in perpetuating scams like these.

    They KNOW the paces OUR own banks would put us through to prove we have not stolen our own money; furthermore the scammers COUNT on WE, the VICTIMS to aid and ensure that they are NEVER brought to justice! How? Read all the anguished posts from those scammed... clearly, we all want something done--indeed some of us have at least come thus far... (hopefully to prevent others from falling victims).

    Yet not one of these posters have replied to my private email, calling ALL to rise and fight against this company. Why? Because its only $159.95? Would you not fight if it were $15? Or 15 cents?

    This is my final public outcry about this: next, I'm blitzing the TV shows with all the info I've gathered as well as MY story. Only YOU can tell YOURS, and i urge you to. email me if you need help. if i could, I'd single-handedly bring this company down. Thanks to OUR (their victims) apathy, EDP reporting boldly, unabashedly, states this about itself on its website:

    Data Management: EDP's datahouse has millions of customers who have provided a great deal of information about themselves. EDP’s proprietary systems allow them to track customer habits and preferences, and enable them to target just the right customers for different product offers. As a result, EDP is able to respond instantly to shifts in the marketplace, allowing them to achieve maximum results in their sales efforts.

    Hmm..."EDP’s proprietary systems allow them to track customer habits and preferences, and enable them to target just the right customers for different product offers." do you hear that?...they ''track our habits'' and ''target'' us--too bad the product offered is daylight theft from unsuspecting, citizens, who've been "tracked" and "targeted".

    HOW DO THEY TRACK AND TARGET US? I would like to know how vast this network of thieves are--in my case, i filled out an application for a payday loan advance from cashnet usa, which i did receive. until now, i have looked at cashnet as the only honest one of them all.

    However, i can't help, but surmise that cashnet was the ONLY company i gave my info to. Within moments of receiving notification that my request for $500-1000 has been approved, but for $200, i became inundated by similar firms, which cashnet said were better suited for my ''specific needs". Oddly, forms from these firms came attached to emails, ALREADY FILLED with the info i just gave cashnet!!! These were the most vicious, obnoxious solicitation gimmicks I've ever seen.

    Some had innocuous names, like Christian, angel, women's secret payday loans, etc. they ALL made outrageous offers, like $10,000 unsecured cash loans without credit check or job verification(!)--which got me quickly suspicious. EQUITY FIRST FINANCIAL was the company that got me to wash my hands clean of the whole thing.

    They offered $10,000 instant credit, then corral you into filling it out--making it impossible to close the page. Whilst you 're stuck on that page, you get whacked with secured credit card deals--that's when the light bulb beamed for me! the reason they make these offers, is because they know you'll be declined--but on the back-end, they offer you a consolation "prize"--as in, "since you are so pathetic, you can't get a credit card, we'll do you a favor and LET you have one for a fee and this much down".

    I declined any such offers, as they smelled very funny to me--greendot or most banks have secured credit cards--plus, with greendot, you just go to most drugstores and voila, a reloadable debit, sorta, credit card!

    So why would anyone go online for this common service? This made it even clearer to me, that these firms are in reality, in the business of getting your personal info through shady means and trying to sell you something ELSE!

    BAIT AND SWITCH, WWW, CYBERSPACE STYLE, IS ALIVE AND KICKING here, UNCHECKED, UN REGULATED and untouchable by ANY branch of the law! why else can EDP feel no fear of reprisal when it operates thus, and taunts us to go to the cops?


    Jillian : I have contacted you in regards to my checking account being debited 159.95 for something i did not authorize. Some one named jasmine emailed me and told me you could not issue me a refund for god knows what reason and that i had to contact my local police dept. on this issue.

    Well first off i want my money back asap you took it without permission in a heartbeat and you can return it just the same. I looked your company up and it seems that your company is notorious for this and that you do not refund peoples money.

    I do as of yesterday have a lawyer regarding this situation if my money is not refunded to me by you. Do not tell me i have to go to the bank and talk to them because that is bull. i want to know how you got my info in the first place and how come when i asked for proof from edp they are avoiding me now. I am sure you do not want this to go to the media which i am more than prepared to do. i want to know when i am going to get my refund now.

    You are now speaking with marc of Customer Service.

    Marc: Hi, How can I help you ?

    Jillian : I just told you. I want my money that your company illegally took from me and as i can tell by your reputation that this happens a lot. I want it asap before legal action is taken against your company edp reporting.

    Marc: I need to verify some information. Can you please give me the last four digits of you S.S #, your address, and your date of birth?

    Jillian: Absolutely not you already have it and i don't need to get scammed again.

    Marc: There is one way for you to have a charge. According to the application submitted online on 11/21/2005 for the Acclaim Visa prepaid card, the Terms & Conditions were agreed to and authorization for the one time application and processing fee was given.

    The prepaid card is not a credit card. The prepaid card does not extend your credit. You will be able to load money onto the card and the prepaid card will only be good for the amount you apply. The original attempt was returned NSF by your bank. If the funds were collected when they resubmitted this NSF item, then the card will be delivered within 3 weeks of the date the funds were collected.

    Marc: Are you there?

    Jillian: Listen i never applied for a card in the first place this is the problem i am having . You cannot provide me proof of this and you have now caused me to bounce numerous checks for things that i did authorize. I would never apply for a prepaid card and never will. I never received a card and probably will not. I want my money back or you will be dealing with my lawyer and for a lot more money than this for all this aggravation and stress this is causing me. I know from previous experiences when you request a refund you are obligated to give it. So once again i want a refund of my money.

    Marc: We take fraud very seriously and if someone is using your name and/or personal information to make online purchases on our website, we will cooperate completely with all law enforcement agencies in the pursuit of fraud. If you believe your account was fraudulently charged for the purchase price of one of the card products we support, we will make every effort to aid in a resolution.

    Before we can take any action, we will mail you or fax you a fraud form which you can take with you when you report to the police. Please fax the form back with the necessary information at 818-487-0634 or mail the form with contact info to your local Police Dept. and officers contact information. If the police determine it to be fraud we will refund the full amount and send it to the police. We can't advise you on what to do but if this in fact is fraud, we will cooperate to help pursue and apprehend the criminals.


    Marc: When we receive the fraud form back signed and completed by you and the police officer, we then forward the application and the IP address of the computer that submitted it. If the police officer determines it to be fraud; the full amount will be refunded.

    Jillian : Once again why do the police have to be informed when they are not the ones that took the money put a stop on the so called card and issue me a refund. This is another thing you are notorious for as i read from other people complaining about this company you tell us to go to the police and then you still don't do anything. Look for yourself at /link removed/ your company is a #1 on their list of ###ters and frauds. You are the fraud not someone else. This message is the same message i received from jasmine word for word. I want my money back now. No forms no crap. Money back or i will report you.

    Jillian: What is taking you so long. It is not that hard issue me back my money and there will be no problem. Easy why is your company trying to make this out some big project.

    Jillian : Hello!

    Your party has left this session.

    Jillian: Listen marc, i don't want no big list of things to do to get my money back. I shouldn't have to. You took it. I did not authorize it.

    Your party has left session.

    See what I mean, It got too much for him to handle because I am not messing around. please we need to do something serious about this company and fast before we are broke and they are billionares.
    So let US do SOMETHING--we KNOW what to do, so what's keeping us? So we spend a couple of hours, tops, making copies and mailing letters... we spend more time doing less fulfilling things--you must agree that the end result would be fulfilling and worth it, yes?

    The lucky few of us, do actually GET SOMETHING--though the memo on EDP's check they made out to themselves in my name said, ''opt one mastercard'', i have NEVER received even shredded paper from them! I caught on to the rather quickly and immediately sought to distance myself from these firms, as well as put a stop to further contact from them.

    That's when i found out that most of them are under the auspices of a firm called BRI MEDIA--another shady, dubious firm to be on the lookout for. I found out that many of them, especially BRI MEDIA, have a myriad of tricks to circumvent the law that binds them to cease and desist contact after you go to the bottom of unsolicited spam email and click "unsubscribe''.

    A few honest companies (eg, sears, macy's) unsubscribe you INSTANTLY, say so, and indeed cease contact. not those affiliated with BRI MEDIA--they say it could take 24 hrs to TEN BUSINESS DAYS(!) to unsubscribe you, as emails ''already in the pipeline'' must still come through.

    In the interim, they bombard you, anew with new offers and gimmicks. following this, i clicked SPAM on my email inbox, to ensure instant deletion of subsequent emails from them. Nooo, they had yet ANOTHER trick up their sleeve--"THIRD PARTY MAILINGS"!

    This i found out, is how companies you've "spammed" get back to you--they furnish your email to another firm, that resubmits the same old crap in a new package. BRI MEDIA, it turns out, has an endless supply of disguises, and NEVER really unsubscribed me.

    The next time i tried to unsubscribe it for the umpteenth time, i saw blurb that said something along the lines of, if you have trouble unsubscribed, or keep getting mailings a BRI media subsidiary you've already unsubscribed, Click here... i clicked... BAM! I was toss onto a site that sells after market, used, refurbished laptops, adult DVD, etc! PS: i was aghast to find myself on such a site when i tried to unsubscribe from oil of olay--a product one presumes to be reputable.

    Can someone answer this question for me please? Where do i go to apply for a job with companies like these? Companies that conduct themselves unethically--and flaunts its unmitigated disregard for the law, as well as law abiding citizens, with impunity.

    I KNOW you or i would get in all shades of trouble if we conducted myself in the same manner--fraudulently obtaining another person's info and taking money from his personal bank account. I KNOW WE would go to jail for it. why do these companies have immunity from punishment?

    What's saddest about this new brand of scam, is that it targets that segment of our society, consisting of honest, hardworking people, subsisting from paycheck to paycheck--the average joe who doesn't mind borrowing against his up-coming check (forget the exhorbitant interest) to pay a bill or a debt, because he/she is a man of his/her word.

    Sadly, more than i can say for these corporations, masquerading as solid, contributing, viable members of the the society! Contributing what, i say? If status quo persists, their contribution to homelessness--a fraudulent deduction of $159.95 is enough to cause the rent/mortgage to default, etc.

    Unemployment will be felt soon and hard by cities and banks who aid them to flourish--when those rendered homeless and penniless flood city streets by day and bank lobbies and vestibules at night for shelter!

  • An
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    I just found this 159.95 taking out of my account. OMG!

  • Er
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    I am too a victim of this company. They wiped my account clean and I had no idea who they where. I applied for a loan on Credit Daily and since then I have found that EDP took the money out of my account without my permission, and then when they made my account negative they charged me 5 times for not having the full amount in my account. Everytime I have called them someone will answer and I will say that they need to give me my money back and that I never authorized them to take my money, the person that answer ended up putting me on hold, I waited for 45 minutes and then some recording came on and said that no one can come to my call, and to email them and they will be in contact within 24 to 48 hrs. All I was trying to do was get a car loan, I'm a mom. I'm moving in a few months and now I'm flat broke.

  • Na
      25th of Jun, 2007
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    I concur with all of the postings for I experienced the same disgusting thing from EDP. I must have completed some application online although I neglected to read the fine print and would never authorized such an automatic withdrawal of funds from my checking account. The $159.95 was taken out as was an additional $54.95; plus, of course the NSF my bank charges for not being able to cover these amounts.

    While I closed my account & have contested the charges - I am still in a lurch for I now have no checking account; hence, no way to cash checks or place to deposit funds.

    Not entirely sure how this company can continue to exist and dupe citizens. Are they actually providing any type of real service or simply getting people's financial information and slyly going in and taking money out of their accounts?

    ~Nancy 6/25/07

    Chicago, IL

  • Br
      7th of Jul, 2007
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    I just want to make sure that they do not hit me with more charges. Has anyone else had more charges from them.

  • Ba
      23rd of Jul, 2007
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    My only complaint is the simple fact that yall took money out of my account without anybody getting in contact with me and the service is terrible to cut a long story short i'm a business man and i'm about my business so when am i going to receive my debit card?

  • Na
      25th of Mar, 2011
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    EDP Reporting Card Services - Unauthorized withdrawals from checking account
    EDP Reporting Card Services
    United States

    I was filling out a credit card application and then a few days later had $159.95 taken out of my checking account. I have called the company three times and have no response.

    I didn't even finish submitting the CC application. I caught sight of some small print regarding giving authorization to take money from my account and I immediately exited the site. But they captured my information. It's illegal!

  • An
      7th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    There a fraudulent company and have been sued by the Federal trade commision, . Check the FTC web site regarding the law suit

  • An
      7th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Check the FTC's Website they sued EDP before for fraud. its the federal trade commission

  • An
      7th of Apr, 2011
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