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Editor & Chief Review, Inc.


Fraudelent magazine subscriptions

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Contact information:
Editor & Chief Review, Inc.
3737 Domestic Ave, Ste #3
Naples, Florida
United States
Phone: 239-659-0009
Back in 3-26-09, I was confronted by a young black women who claimed she was with the vivakids.org, and was selling subscriptions to magazines for a trip. She explained what the vivakids.org was doing to better young people, and I thought it was a good cause. I ended up ordering 2 magazines from her, the magazine "Maxim" for 2 years, and the magazine "Maximum PC" for 3 years. A total of a $122.00, I paid her in a personal check and she gave me a receipt. The check has cleared the bank long ago, and it's been almost 3 months now, and I haven't received any magazines. I tried calling the customer service number on the receipt, which is to "Editor & Chief Review, Inc., on 6-16-09, but at first I got a hold of someone, but they kept saying 'customer service' over and over, I would say 'hello', but I guess they couldn't hear me, due to a bad connection or they were faking it. I tried calling later, but I was put on hold for a ridiculously long time, over and over, so I said, the hell with it. I searched on the internet until I found someones comment that was similar to mine on this site and decided to leave a comment. The only thing I can say right now, is that I won't accept anything from my door, no matter how confincing, only exceptions is pizza delivery, lol.
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A  26th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
i was also scammed by this company. promised a refund...now phone disconnected. information for naples florida now says this company has no listing??????
A  29th of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes
The salesperson that visited my door claimed all proceeds go towards a children's cancer research foundation and I actually fell for it and suscriped to Maximum PC for my boyfriend back in Dec 09. I paid $60 in cash and literally 15 min later I tried getting my money back from the salesperson who was just a block down the street. He refused and said I must go through proper channels to get my refund after a transaction is complete which sounded reasonable. I've called at least 7 times and they assure me I'm next in line for a refund check...4 months ago. A couple of days later from my purchase the state university emailed all its students warning them of the harassment and fraudulent business Editor and Chief Review was conducting around the campus area. My friend was visited at 8:30pm by one of their representatives whom stuck his foot in the door when she said she wasn't interested as the door was closing. I really wanted to file a class action lawsuit but judging from the research I've done about this company it looks like a lost cause.
N  30th of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes
This is SUCH a ripoff. The same thing happened with me! A man named Tony came to my door selling mag and he had said it was for the kids who lost their parent's in the war. He was real jittery. I refused this many many many times. He continued for me to buy this stuff so he could earn some points. I gave in and he told me my order was 30.oo he then gave me my reciept and left. The reciept said 75.00. I followed the instructions on how to cancel this and 2 weeks later my money was taken out. I called and they said that my cancelation notice had not gotten there yet. I know that no where in the US does it take 2 weeks to recieve mail. I called and a guy named Micheal Greyson answered the phone. He was VERY rude with me and then hung up. I called again and he continued to hang up on me. A women named Victoria Ray then answered and asked if I had a problem and said that the guy had explained the problems with me multiple times and then she hung up. To this day they will not take my calls or they will just put me on hold. These people are the RUDEST company I have ever incountered. And to the ONE person that had something good to say about them, ### off your one of them and ya'll are nothing but scamming fools. PLEASE do not give these people the time of day it's sad that they are taking real life stuff and turning it into a way of making money, it's sick and cruel!
N  31st of May, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I can tell all of you that the company does all that it can to protect the consumers. They do background checks on all sales reps. But thy can not hold there hand to each door. The mags are delivered in 120 days. If you have not recieved your mags at that point please give them a call. The company does all that it can to keep a good name and I know that they would do everything they can to resolve all issues.
Please quit jumping to conclusions of scams when you are going off what other peope say my daughter works for this company and it really is te best thing that could have ever happened to her. I hope none of you own a company, if so you should no better.
A  30th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
A kid named FABIAN SALAAM came to my door in Allston, MA claiming to be selling magazines for a trip. He told me that if I sent it to troops overseas he would earn double points. He told me he was currently in third place. The prices were steep but I picked one of the cheaper magazines for $45. I paid via check and it was cashed, so not much I can do. Searching for the company online I did find their website and it has a link to check order status. Surprised, when I typed the number on the receipt and the date of order my information IS INDEED LISTED and says I should get a magazine in October. Kind of a long time, but I guess there is still a chance. Though, other people never getting theirs in 6+ months does not make me really believe they will actually come.

I searched for FABIAN SALAAM on Google and I found both a Myspace and Facebook page of a kid who lives in North Carolina that looks very similar to the kid who was at my door. But I really can't prove it 100%. First of all though, Its crazy to think he would have come from North Carolina to Boston just to scam people... what the hell! But I mean it would be even weirder if he gave me his real name. Anyway I doubt there is much that can be done.

Long story short, I'm never buying anything from anyone at the door again unless they have the product in hand.
N  1st of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
concerned with america- Your ridiculous you are from NAPLES, FL which is where the headquarters for that company is. Plain and simple this company is fraud and a scam, dont get on here talking about people jumping to conclusions when it's only you and another person out of like 20 comments that are for that stupid [censor] company. Tell your daughter that they are the most foolish and sick people I met. Who gives [censor] sob stories about real life stuff to get money. It's sick and cruel and I hope everyone in that company looses their job and every dime they have!!!
A  21st of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Anyone have any info on whether or not this company actually sends you to collections?
N  31st of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes

Editor & Chief Review, Inc. - Have not recieved magazine subscription and cannot get through to customer service
Editor & Chief Review, Inc.
United States

I had a young man named Bryce McCauley come to my door selling magazine subscriptions. Normally, I would immediately decline anything sold at my door but, this kid was a smooth talker. My children were here and I decided to let them pick out 2 magazines. I wrote a check for $108 on May 27th, 2010. The check was cashed the next business day. The salesman said it would take 6-8 weeks before we would start getting our subscriptions. It has now been 14 weeks and nothing. I have tried calling the customer service line on the receipt (1-239-659-0009) only to be left listening to annoying elevator music for over 30 minutes with no way to get through to a live person. I am very upset by this, a hard lesson for my children and I to trust people who claim that they are trying to better themselves and earn money for college. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get my money back? Thank you Julia
A  1st of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Here is all the information I have gathered.
ECR, Inc. (Editor & Chief in Review, Inc)
ID: 44001099

Associated with:

MTX productions, LLC
Division of E&C Review

They said they didn't receive my cancellation which I know to be bogus considering the amount of complaints they have against them. The sales team is very pushy and after asking which magazines I 'might' be interested in wrote me up a receipt and asked how I was paying. I even cancelled within 3 days.
N  20th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
On July 28, 2010 I was approached by two young ladies selling magazines. I said I didn't want to buy but they were very persistent! One explained to me that because I am a nurse she would get extra points towards her goal, so if I would go ahead and order a magazine I could call to cancel the order the next day and she would still get partial points. So I agreed and placed an order for Family Fun magazine. I called the next day to cancel and was informed that they do not except cancellations via phone so I filled out the back of my receipt and mailed it back within the three business days. I was also told that my check would not be cashed for 8 business days but was processed thru my bank on the second day after it was written. On August 7, 2010 I received a letter stating that I would need to mail or fax a copy of my check proving it had cleared the bank before they could/would refund my money. I waited three weeks for my refund before I called the company. On August 31, 2010 I called ECR inc and I was informed that they have 120 days to refund my money and that they have alot of refunds to process and if they did it all at once they would go bankrupt. The conversation was not pleasant on either end. I was told my refund would be processed on September 15, 2010. Needless to say I still have not received my refund! I have called ECR multiple times and have talked to the same "customer service rep" on more than one occasion! I have never talked to the same customer service rep from any other company without specifically requesting to speak to them! I told the customer service lady that I remembered her from previous conversations and that I did not wish to speak to her any longer. I requested to speak with her manager to which she responded "my manager is very busy" I said I didn't care and was placed on hold for over one hour before I finally hung the phone up. Bottom line, I got SCREWED!!! And to those of you above who criticize me for being angry, you can stick up your a**! I have three small children to feed, cloth, provide shelter, and make sure they have the oppritunities that they deserve! I will never help anyone who comes to my door again! BUYER BEWARE!!!
A  3rd of Nov, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I had a man come to my door in the beginning of September telling me that he is sober and trying to earn points for a trip for him and his son. He had a very convincing story, and even asked me if I had any advice for him in raising his son. As he spoke to me he was filling out his sheet, even though I had not given him an answer to whether or not I wanted magazines. In the end I ended up ordering a magazine that he said was twenty dollars, that somehow turned into $60 dollars. I then cancelled within my three business days, postmarked and everything, but in the next few weeks never received my refund. I then called the number on the back of the receipt, they told me they were "behind on their mail" and that they should have it by that Friday. I still have not received my refund and they aren't answering their phones. It's most definitely a scam.
N  14th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
i got hired by editor and chief review inc they dident train me properley and i dident like the job when i quit we where in Kansas city they droped me off at the grayhound bus stachion and left me there i was homeless there for six mounths the managers name is jeff i hate him more then any thing and wish nothing to him but death (not a threat)
N  15th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
Editor and Chief is a HUGE scam. They don't send magazines overseas, to children's hospitals, or anywhere besides your home (if you are lucky). If they ask for donations for vivakids or anything else- that money is going straight from your wallet to their pocket.
There is no such thing as bonus points, those are just an incentive to get you to feel bad and help. They can say ANYTHING can give you bonus points.
The reason they push for cash is because that's how they deal out the solicitor's draws at the end of every day. (The kids get up to 20 dollars a night depending on how many sales they made. The owner and manager of the company (Belo Kellam and Steve Travis) have a really good way at brainwashing people so the kids coming to your door don't actually know the full scale of the scam. They actually do believe you will be getting your magazines. These kids are promised 500 dollars to travel the country and have fun while selling magazines. In reality, they are shipped from one Days Inn to the next in cargo vans during the night and forced to show up to 8am meetings and then work anywhere from 10-14 hours a day.
The company even got cut off from taking credit cards because there was so much fraud going on. And even if your cancellation does go through, it will be minus the process and handling. So if they say, "Just write the check and then cancel so that I get half the points, " You will still be charged the whole amount, and then when/if you get refunded, they will keep the 15 dollars. <------ I don't think many of the people selling magazines actually know this, just a little something interesting I found out.
The owner and managers ([censor]) of this company are the biggest dirtballs I have ever encountered. They manipulate you into thinking they are the only people who can help you and that if you go home you will turn out into nothing better than a burger flipper. At least McDonald's employees have an honest paycheck!! They also don't tell you any of the necessary tax information so once you file your taxes you end up owing the IRS thousands of dollars.
They don't run any background checks. They sleep with a majority of the young, niave girls they manage to hire and then make them feel like they have no where else to go. You are not allowed to call home to family and friends and if they find out you are they will fine your "books" where all your money is shown.
If these magazine people come to your door DO NOT BUY A MAGAZINE!!! If you feel you really want the magazine, then hit up amazon.com and save your self a bunch of money. But don't automatically slam the door in their face either. Tell them to go home! Forget about what Steve or Belo promised them in this morning's meeting, just go home, because nothing on the road is going to get them anywhere except in jail, with a solicitor ticket, or worse. And you can also ask to see their solicitor permit. They never get these, and can be arrested on the spot.
If you have already bought a magazine, sorry for your loss, but you should have known better in the first place! If you haven't bought a magazine before, don't ever second guess your judgement! Save yourself the money and they headache!!
N  23rd of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
i am so frustrated i will be get 60 bucks back no matter when it takes...this kid back in july came to my door saying thy were raising money and who ever got the most points got a scholorship for college.. i felt bad for the kid and wanted to do a good thing...months later i had no got my magazines so i went online to look at order status it said i would get them in november i was mad because the kid never told me when i would get them. but i would wait till november. its nov and no magazines i got online to check order and it said something about a letter so i called and this lady is telling me they sent me a letter because the company is having issues with the magazine company and the letter gives me other options. i never got a letter. they promised magzines that i paid for and have no gotten yet i want a refund simple as that...i have waited on the phone for a manager twice and it kept sounding like someone would pick up after awhile then go back to hold has happend several times now...i am so angry i wrote a letter to the company telling them i am contacting my lawyer
N  23rd of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
do not ever ever ever buy from these people... i just realized these poeple are a scam. i am on hold now for about an hour on and off trying to get a freaking refund...the lady keeps saying her manager is very busy call back tomorrow... some kid came to my door back in july 2010 saying he was in a contest and if he got the most points selling magazines he got a 5k scholorship for the local college here. i felt bad for him andhe was so excited so i did and it was 45 plus 15 proccessing and handleing or whatever...and its nov still no mag they said they sent me a letter saying they are having probs with the magazine company...i don't care if i have to harrass these poeple with calling 24 7 i am getting my refund this is just horrible what theswe people are doing i know a few of my neighbors ordered also i am about to go talk to them...
N  13th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
There was a old black man came to my apartment on 01/19/2011 and tried to sell me mags too. He left with my $120 cash and until now, I didn't get anything. I feel very sad about this and I promise to myself, I will never pay before researching.
N  25th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Guess the lesson to us all is not to get scammed. If someone approaches you and is really pushy, just end it there. I got taken for just $60 but in trying to get it back from these [censor]s I have made 10 phone calls, spoken to 3 different people - all with different stories. One woman said she'd put a trace on my reimbursement, never happened. One person said she's check into it, never happened. Now I have been calling for 3 days and no one answers the freakin' phone! You'd think with enough scam reports on these guys the Better Business Bureau would be all over them.
N  1st of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I agree with all of you. IT took me nearly 6 months to get my refund of $75.00. I left a complaint with the Florida trade commission, the better business bureau and the national federal trade commission. I sent numerous emails and left phone calls with the company before I received my refund. Yet, I finally received it after making enough complaints with a number of other organizations. Apply pressure by complaining with the Florida Trade Commission. Look up: http://myfloridalegal.com/consumer
Businesses like this need to not exist if they do not respect consumers. I learned my lesson. I will ask for identification in the form of a driver's license and will do research before buying in the future from a door to door salesperson. This company is a scam.
A  7th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I was at home alone when a young man knocked on my door, and against my better judgment, I answered it. He was really nice at first and I even considered ordering a magazine from him. When he told me he needed the entire subscription fee, $63 up front in cash or check, I told him I couldn't do that. I thought I would be billed in monthly installments. I wasn't about to hand over that much money without a product in return. He got really upset and started cussing me out and telling me that I just wasted his time. I closed the door and I could still hear him screaming and carrying on! When I found this website, it really made me wonder if this is what this company trains these people to do!!! Very scary. I did file a complaint with the BBB, we'll see. Hopefully one of their agents won't cross the wrong person some day. Someone could get hurt. Very unprofessional!!!
A  24th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I had an experience with a ECR sales person this evening. I was taking my trash out and a gentleman, who later introduced himself as Jeremy, approached my house. It was 8pm EST and getting dark, which made me uncomfortable to have a stranger coming to my door. He started out very nice, extremely flattering, and making compliments that were obviously over the top. It made me realize, this guy is selling some bull b/c he's laying the flattery on thick. I was so confused about what he was selling/doing. It was something about earning points, public speaking, and winning a trip to Rome. He said he was from Georgia, but had an accent like he was from a foreign country. He smelled of cigarette smoke, wasn't dressed professionally and was walking. Everything just didn't add up. Honestly, I was going to give the guy a check to make him leave my doorstep but when he told me it would be $68, I told him we couldn't afford that right now. Everything changed after that. He insulted me, saying I didn't want to help him. He tried to convince me to write a check, saying I'd have 3 days to cancel if I changed my mind. His whole demeanor changed and I got very uncomfortable. He finally left, huffing and puffing, saying he'd go find some real people who actually wanted to help him. This is the guy who was saying he's getting a graduate degree in business. If that's the way he runs his future business, I'd hate to see that business. To ECR Inc., this particular staff person was not professional at all, not in dress or in the way he handles clients who aren't interested in the product. I have felt unsafe ever since he left my home.

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