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Edison Nation / Inventor scam artists

1 Tulsa, OK, United States Review updated:

There needs to be a law that prevents these type of companies whom pray on wishful and undereducated inventors whom take the bait form what I call vultures. The only people to make any money are these so called inventor help companies. They are all snake oil salesmen. They want your money to evaluate your idea??? That is the same scam as the chain letter. If 10, 000 people send in $25.00 they are just laughing at your ignorance right off the bat. Edison Nation is one of them. What is a big shame is that they were on PBS portraying themselves as heros for the inventors. PBS needs to do a story on these con-artists, as to what they really are about. They keep sending out E-mails with contests they are setting up through big companies. They tell you that they get better than industry standards in Royalties and are willing to split it with you. They fail to tell you that industry standards are 3%-5% and that is only if it is profit, you do not get one thin dime till your idea is in the black. Basically they just act as a go between with your money funding the whole project. They do nothing you could not do yourself. Think about it this way, Lets just sayyour Idea has just made $1, 000, 000 and that is profit...and your cut is 5% you just made the company that manufacturers the product $950, 000...Your cut of the whole thing is only $25, 000 because you just gave your other half to Edison Nation of $25, 000. You have already spent way more than that just getting patents and all the other vulture companies that prey on first or even second time inventors, mold makers, Patent lawyers, advertising, web pages..list goes on. Anytime you have to send people money to look at your ideas is the same as applying for a job and having to pay them for clerical work. You need to get with your local inventors group, each State has one, or just call the President of one near you and let him tell you the war stories of these Vultures. These local Inventors are just like you and I, they are not in it to scam you, it is like a fraternity where you can get practically all your information as to whom to avoid or give you contacts that may take you to the next level. There are inventors in the group that are at different levels and have fallen in the trappings of these heartless jerks. I honestly cannot see how these people can sleep at night knowing they are bleeding you dry by leading you on, knowing that as long as they keep you all lathered up about your invention you will keep pitching money at them till you have no more to give. You have drained your savings, put your house up, borrowed money from friends and family. Then when all your resources are dried up, they will not have a thing to do with you. If you look at all the ideas that have gone to market with this company Edison Nation or any company in the same rip-off business, for all the years they have been in business it is a joke!!.. They may get one hit here and there, but I guarantee you they have suckered hundreds of thousands out of their dreams. They do help me in one way..and they can help you as well..when they send you the information that there is a contest for a ceartain idea for a big name company..I just send the idea to the company after their so called contest is over. They are helping me by letting me know who is looking for ideas and it makes it better to send your invention to companies looking for ideas because 90% of most companies DO NOT take ideas from outside inventors, they tell you they have a department that does that for them and they do not want to deal with all the legalities of outside sources. I will thank them for that. Good luck with your venture, be safe, do all your own leg work and if you can do it yourself you turn the tables and get 90% of the profits for yourself, why would you want to sell you idea and make someone else rich? Always make your first step in Inventing towards Your States or cities Inventors organazations. You can get a Provisional Patent for a mere $110.00 which protects you for 1 year as a Patent Pending. This allows you to show your ideas to anybody and feel safe, to see if your product or idea is worth even going to market with and you do not waist 10's of thousands on the Vultures that pick your bones dry. Disclosure documents are a joke, any Lawyer can find a loophole in a contract. Just go to PTO.Gov and look up Provisional Patent, a fifth grader can do this one.

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      24th of Jan, 2012
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    As I read reviews online about Edison Nation, I came across a few that read almost verbatim to my experience with this company! I submitted an idea to them and it made it to the 3rd tier only to stop there. I thought ok, that's fine but THEN less than one year, I saw an advertisement for my same idea - right down the EXACT illustration mock ups, ad-copy and other information that I submitted directly to Edison Nation! I was floored and angry and hurt all at once. I contacted EN and they, of course, gave me the standard Plausible Den. rhetoric; however, both I and God know what transpired there. The problem may or may not be at the top levels of the company, but somewhere within their system they are flawed because someone within their company 'leaked' my idea (or just outright sold it) to another company for profit. I received nothing but broken dreams. Thank God I am not a quitter but DO NOT SEND YOUR IDEAS TO THIS COMPANY. This is the inventor's greatest nightmare.

  • Wo
      13th of Apr, 2017
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    @NeverGiveUp1 I have personally experienced en's deceptive practices. I won't go into details but i will say i was a very strong advocate and defender of en for several years i.trusted them implicitly and was a very active member of the en community. I wont say what ultimately tilirned me against them because the event was highly publicized within the community and most longtime members would immediately jnow my identity. Here's what I will say this the nation makes it very clear in their contacts that they will not be held responsible for for filling them they give themselves lots of outs but even after receiving a licensing agreement with them they did nothing to move forward with my invention literally nothing I had to pursue them at every step down to requesting the return of my patent. To this day I feel they let me down completely and Adderly and I have since discouraged people in the invention community from signing up with them their primary motivation is to get your monthly insider fee. They had control of my patent which I believe and which they told me is highly marketable they use me for publicity and then I got nothing in return nothing now if you don't believe they're only out for your monthly insider fee look at their track record how many hits have they had in all the years of doing business how many products have they actually gotten on the shelf . And finally the people you see defending them here or people I have known personally they are extremely active on the in social networking forums and a big part of their identity is being well known in the Ian community and frankly my belief is hope Springs I-Ternal they think as long as they continue to support him in that maybe that will give them an advantage in one of the product searches and that they will finally make it to the coveted E8 which is the licensing agreement but I did and as I said nothing absolutely nothing came of it

  • Wo
      13th of Apr, 2017
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    @wontgetfooledagainEN! You should always proof your work I was angry when I wrote this and I didn't read it back to myself because it makes me sick just thinking about it so please ignore the typos in the message above

  • Da
      13th of Jul, 2012
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    It pisses me off how these types of companies are getting away with this ###. The USPTO is pathetic for not taking action against them. Poster above Eureka Innovations is spot on. As advanced as the human race is we lack better and newer ideas because of this patenting process, now how stupid does that sound..?

  • Ve
      15th of Mar, 2014
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    My attorney has advised me to remove my complaint and all my posts related to this company.

    I have no way of doing it. Your cooperation is requested.

    Thanks in advance.

    Luis Rodriguez

  • En
      18th of May, 2017
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