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Edgewater Hotel / Rip off

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A letter submitted to the Edgewater Hotel about our experience.

After speaking with one of your employees on Saturday, they suggested I contact you about our stay at the Edgewater Hotel on June 11th, 2009 through June 14th 2009. It was suggested we talk to the owner, but were unable to locate him while we were there.

I realize that when calling to make reservations, the customer service representative we spoke with takes reservations for more than one hotel and may have inadvertently given us the wrong information, but this is the experience we had. When making reservations for our first stay at Put-In-Bay, we asked many questions concerning accommodations. The customer service representative was very helpful with information. When we were done speaking with her we decided on the Edgewater because of its location, the pool, and the availability of a room overlooking the pool. You are probably thinking The Edgewater doesnt have a pool and there are no rooms overlooking the pool, which we found out upon our arrival. We also found out that our room was on the first floor, under the stairs, in what amounted to a stay in a garage with all the mopeds and golf carts right outside our door.

We expected to have a nice stay in a Deluxe Room overlooking the shorewith double vanities. We expected a remote control with our TV, which the room did not have, and seemed to amaze the front desk. We expected a chair to sit in, which our room did not have. We expected a phone, which our room did not have. We expected internet access, which our room had, but as your front desk person told us, was down all weekend when we tried to use it. We expected a room overlooking the pool, which I have already mentioned above. In addition to these things we also had a terrible problem with gnats and mosquitoes in the room. Many of which you can probably still see in the upper right hand of the room in the spider webs where we had to swat them at night. For $251.00 a night we also did not expect to find a toilet with urine stains on the seat when we first arrived.

We have traveled to many places across the country and Put-In Bay is truly a beautiful place. We are used to paying a premium price for premium accommodations, which we feel we were SORELY, mislead on in this case.

We are not looking for a free hand out here; we are just trying to get what you advertised and what we paid for. It would be very much appreciated if you could refund our money, or give us a two night stay in the room that we were told we were getting.

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  • Er
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    Here is a copy of their ad that tells you everything they have. Very misleading and not true in many instances!

  • Co
      19th of Jul, 2012
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    Edgewater Hotel - Entered room illegally
    Put In Bay
    United States

    My friend and I (both females) had booked a room with the intention of her and I staying for 2 nights and then my son would be coming up and my friend would be leaving and I would stay on another night with my son and his family. Since my friend and I had been showing our purebred cats the weekend, my son took her cats back to my home and then brought them up to the hotel when he came up 2 days later. This is an 'outdoor' hotel, no corridors, the front desk is outside and they have a very nice DOG laying across their check in counter. When my son came up, my friend was about 15 minutes away from being ready to go, she had just got out of the shower and was wrapped in towel while drying her hair. We had the cat enclosed in a canvas carrier and went to put it in the room for the last 15 minutes of her stay since we could not leave it outside with the temperatures being 103 degrees. The girl at the desk seen the carrier and FREAKED out, NO PETS! So, why the DOG? I asked her if she could please cut me a 15 minutes break, the carrier would not be opened, just sitting inside the door for a few minutes. No way, leave them out in the 103 degree heat. The manager was just as bad, he is a total pr_ _ k, even his night staff agrees. So, I had my son drive around back and stand by the back door with the carrier since the alley at least had shade. He said at least 3 different people came by 7 different times to be sure he didn't sneak in. Next thing I know, somebody tried to get into the room with a passkey! Luckily I had the deadbolt on since my friend was still standing there with nothing but a towel on. I was scared, not sure what was going on. Then they knocked and before I could get to the door to see who it was, they tried the passkey again. Mind you, I had the do not disturb sign hanging since we did not need housekeeping that day. By then, my friend was in the bathroom getting dressed and I opened the door and asked the foreign man what the heck he wanted. He did not speak English and I don't know if he even understood English. He said nothing, just looked over at the front desk which was empty since the cowards all ran in the back. He didn't know what to do and just walked away! Within 5 minutes the police showed up! I opened the door and told them the cat was not in the room, it is in the alley and the staff knows it. Meanwhile, how about breaking and entering, is this employee legal to work in the USA? The officers looked they would have loved to find a big hole to crawl in and said that they were called out to tell me that the hotel didn't want to evict me, just wanted the officers to let me know 'no cats'. I kinda think I got that message a while ago. I have filed an incident report with the police since the hotel had no right to try to get into my room. The manager told me that housekeeping can enter anytime, I told him that is not true, especially since I had a do not disturb sign out. They knew the cat was not in the room and if it was such a problem, why wouldn't they call the police first? I wonder what would have happened if the foreign man would have got the door open and there was an almost naked woman standing there? Why didn't the cowardly manager/owner enter, why send the poor flunky that had no idea of why he was doing what he was doing other than he was told to? The Better Business Bureau says that this hotel is not accredited and when they try to contact the owner to get accredited, he never returns their calls, hmmm, wonder why? Please don't stay there and also, please don't rent your golf carts from there either.

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