Edgars Fashion / Edcon / wrong advertising strategies to lure the customers attention.

Brits, ZA

Today on the 25th March 2017 I went to Edgars Brits Mall to buy one of my favorite phone which is Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus knowing that I will get a Watch or Sun Glass but to my surprise after the cashier processed the payment I was told that I can't get a Watch neither the Sun Glasses as they are out of stock! What makes the matter worse is the advertising board displayed right in front of the phones ...honesty I had to take the phone as I love it, but I felt cheated on by the wrong advertising, and when I tried to raise the matter with the cashier (Mpho) I was told that there is nothing she can do as the Sun Glasses nor a Watch are out of stock. I think there is lack of management in that Edgars Brits Mall...something need attention urgently there.

My question to you is; how come they have the phone in stock but not the plus item!? Isn't that someone in store is helping himself with the item that is due to customers?

Would you please explain to me how do one get the plus item when purchasing Samsung Galaxy Grand prime Plus.

Your worried customer

Simon Motau

Mar 26, 2017

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