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Rekha Lala - Acc # [protected]

I a while ago purchased x 2 Bath towels (Hotel Collection) on my account and it was I assure you not cheap.

I started using it only towards the middle of last year and the condition of the towels are in quite a state already.
Towels have faded terribly - stitching has come out and quality clearly very poor.
Not something you expect from especially a hotel collection and after such a short period of use.

I underwent a serious back operation recently and was out of commission for approximately 3 months and therefore could not bring it to the store sooner.
When i was well enough I took the towels to the Boardmans store at Clearwater Mall - as it was the closest entrance i could walk to.

Explained and showed the condition of the towels to the sales person.
She advised that her manager was not availale and not much she could do, but took my details and assured me that someone would get back to me.

Its been more then 1, 5 months and I have not had the courtesy of a call back? Which again in not acceptable.

My health currently doesnt allow me to cart these towels back and forth and I need to understand what will be done about this.

The quality of alot of your products is now very poor and Hotel Collection towels especially.

Please can u respond to [protected] with a suitable response.


Feb 01, 2017

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