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South Africa

On the 5th of December 2015, I went to Edgars The Grove to settle and close my account. I was told by the cashier that the total amount I had to pay for closing the account was R8 992. I paid the amount, only to realize later that I have overpaid by R1 500. I went back to the store on Monday the 7th and a lady at customer service confirmed that I had indeed overpaid. She called the credit department to enquire about how to refund me. At the time, my payment did not reflect on their side. I was told to wait for 48 hours, then come back again. I went back on Friday the 11th. Then I was told that I have to write a letter request the refund, attach a one month bank statement and a copy of my ID, and my refund will be paid within 21 working days. That is totally absurd. I refused to go through that process and I refuse today still. The refund policy is absurd and punitive to consumers. It must be reviewed. If it means taking the matter to court, let it be.

Jan 02, 2016

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