1 England, Kent, United Kingdom

We have had Estimated bills for some time - EDF reckon that the meter has not been read since Apr 2007 - though I know that I have sent through readings via phone - although this is long winded.

My last quarter's bill was £189.00. There are only 2 of us living there. Heating is via domestic oil. My partner works from home.

They recently read the meter and have come up with a bill of £2, 400 !!! - the meter reader seemed more interested in our CD/DVD collection - and my partner had to ask him to read the meter and go.

The previous family who lived in our house had 2 washing machines going full pelt, and lots of useage - their bills were nowhere near this.

Any ideas. EDF has said it's a catch up bill and we sh0uld read the meter again. He asked me to phone him directly ... as leaving the reading is always picked up !!!

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