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Thought I was paying postage on a sample, until they debited my account $ 69.41. Please make this company return my money. This is nothing be a scam. Thank you, Carol W. Snead

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  • Ch
      Jul 26, 2009

    it's not a scam it's in your terms of aggreement you should read any all things as well as do research on anything you order in general, especially online, you did not, so it would actually be your folly for taking it for granted

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  • Sh
      Aug 20, 2009

    I was led to believe it was a sample, also. Got the same charges and didnt even have the product for what they were calling the trial AFTER the time was up. And extremely poor product.

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  • Ca
      Sep 16, 2009

    I can understand your frustration. I thought I was ordering a risk free trial period, only
    had to pay shipping (7.92).
    I would be billed about every 2 months for the membership fee of 69.41.
    Yea, right they billed my card for 7.92 on 8/12/09.
    They billed my card again on 8/26/09 for 69.41.
    So I pay 2 months in advance? This was never mentioned in the offer.
    The quality of the makeup is about the same as what you would buy at
    a Dollar Tree for a buck.
    It's not a miracle makeup, not even close. The membership is a joke.
    Anyone that is interested in this product should read the complaints FIRST!!
    Once this company has your card number, your screwed. They bill you so fast for the first membership you don't have a chance to return the free trail, and you haven't even
    gotten the makeup yet.
    If it's too good to be true, it probably is "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE."
    Take my word - do not buy this product.

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  • Ch
      Sep 19, 2009

    Again I say read the terms here they are : You will have 15 days from the date of shipment to try the Mineral Elements by Eden™ Mineral Make-up Introductory Kit. Generally, we ship your product within 24 hours of sign-up (except on holidays and weekends) by first-class mail through the United States Postal Service (“USPS”). According to the USPS published delivery schedules, your shipment should arrive within 3 to 5 days. Accordingly, this should provide you around 10 to 12 days to try our product. The Trial period ends 15 days from the shipment date. If you are not satisfied after trying our product you will be responsible for returning the remaining ("make-up"), as well as the brushes, cosmetic bag and brush pouch (“accessories”) to avoid further charges.

    I get so tired of people blaming others for their problems, you didn't do your research take some ownership

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  • Ea
      Oct 05, 2009

    Am returning the sample pack. Don`t charge me for any membership and don`t send any more makeup.
    Close my account and I won`t pay for any other charges!

    The internet can sure take advantage of people.

    Carol Lovro
    46790 204 st.
    Bruce, SD 57220

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  • Ty
      Oct 15, 2009

    This Edna Cosmetic has tried to take funds out of my account for a product that I have not received. I call them two weeks ago to cancel the product and I was told that I had to call back with some RMA # that is on the box. I just received the box and now they are tell me that I will still be charged for the product which it $130.00. This company is taking people money out of their accounts without permission this is against the law. This company needs to be closed down until they can do better business with the public.

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  • Do
      Oct 23, 2009

    they need to quit taking peoples money this is a rip off you are sending nothing for 130.41 get real

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  • Ho
      Jul 28, 2010

    7/28/10 - Just discovered this forum - Thank you - Eden is the worst of the worst - masquerading as COSTCO in my case! Two big Costco banners, proclaiming that if you try just one product on the list for $1.00, you will receive a prepaid Costco card for $250; and if you try two products for $1.00 each, you will (not be in a drawing for, or any such condition) receive a prepaid Costco card for $500. I thought I stumbled on a Costco underadvertised deal! Ha! I wrote quite a lengthy report to the FBI, to the CA Atty General's office (Jerry Brown), the BBB and my cousin Vicky! I've been shouting from the rooftops. And, best of all, the makeup is so poorly packaged (I agree that it is - barely - Dollar Store quality) I declined to even open it up - especially after seeing, thru the cheap plastic, how low end the brushes are. I wonder where the brush material originated since it's held to the cheesy handle with thin crimped aluminum. Perhaps Shell2424 & Earlybird are the same person/Eden employee. Puhleeze - I am prepared to fight any and all charges tooth and nail in the most public fashion. Thank you, other bilked consumers, for your input. Sharon M

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  • Ho
      Jul 28, 2010

    I am so very sorry! I was so excited to find other people outraged about the Eden company (LLC indeed!) that I failed to Agree! with the complaint.

    Thank you ComplaintsBoard for being there.

    Hoodwinked, Jr.

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  • Sh
      Jun 30, 2011

    They have continued to take funds out of my bank account even though I called and cancelled everything 2 days after receiving my trial offer and severely broke out from the make up. I sent the remainder of the product back to them just like I was directed to do and they still had the nerve to take my money.

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  • Se
      May 13, 2017

    Eden Cosmetics charged our bank account 40.47 and we've never placed an order. So called our bank who closed the account this was it charged on. As far as we and the bank know, this was a fraudulent charge. The bank is working it.

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