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There advertising" America Top 25($84.99) at $79.99 with Autopay savings -$5.00 bringing your bill too $74.99. In this America's Top 250 it say's HD for life and Local channels and sports are included. The work order say's $79.99 -$5.00 =$74.99 plus $10.00 for Local channels, bringing the bill back up to $84.99.
What kind of ####" a break down' in this order' is said it was !
I sell you a car MSP for $20, 000. but asking $15, 000. and you buy it. Finding out you can't start the car" the motor is another $4, 000. and you wanted tires, its another $1, 000.00 ?
I was going to get there internet too" advertising 15 mps and 50GB anytime, talking to the installer, I sent him home, its 15GB and 50GB between 2-8am at night, I would most likely would download speed 1-5 mps with Dishnet.
Feel like a Cabbage man" with their Bull #### talk !!!

Jan 27, 2017

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