Ed Fox And Assoiciates / julie herrea (julie owen)

1 Chicago, IL, United States
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Phone: 312-345-8871

julie own represented me in an wrongfultermination case last year. I represented myself for the first 3 and a half years of my case until i hired julie. most of the case was already layd out for her, and we ended up getting a settlement. However julie didnt fight to get me the max like she originaly stated. instead she was more involved with her wedding and honyemoon that took place wile i waited for her to return. my issue is that at when the checks were issued i asked julie if i would be expected to pay tax on the actual amount that i recieved or the amount that they recieved before i got what i took home. julie obviously lied to me because now the irs is taxing me for money that she and her firm got. I called and left a few messages for julie and ed fox with no response. The h&r block expert said that my lawyers screwd me because i have to pay taxes on money tthat they recieved. i am disgusted by this and feel JUST AS WRONGED BY ED fox and ###. THAN THE COMPANY I SUED. Dont sign anything saying anything about 1099 tax income . Its a sad slick swindlers move that the lawyer will willing do to thier clien.


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