eCycle Best / Scam Artists at work here - don't trust them

Sparks, NV, United States
Contact information: provided a quote online for a nearly new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cell phone of $240. The phone was flawless, never scratched, dropped or anything - barely used at all. They provided the label and shipment was quick. Email received that the phone was received and being inspected. A week and a half goes by and I receive an email that the inspection is complete and that my quote has been adjusted to $20. Holy Crap - twenty bucks from $240 - that's a HUGE DIFFERENCE. My strongly worded email to the company and refusal of the $20 quote went unanswered. I never received a follow up email or phone call from the company. I also never received the $20 they said my phone was worth, I provided them with a valid Paypal account.

Another week goes by and I email the company again. This time, I call them crooks and scam artists. I received a phone call the very next morning. Isn't that interesting how they respond to emails that threaten reporting to the BBB and Feds. The rude woman on the phone said that this was quote due to some wear on the back cover (really!?) and "pixelization" on the screen. I refused their claims and asked that my phone be returned to me immediately. She said they could not do that that the phone had been recycled the very next day after my initial quote was provided. Well, first of all, I replied to that quote where I did ask for the phone to be returned. I said why did no one at eCycleBest respond to that email and my request and refusal of the initial quote? She said that they did respond. I said, no you did not. I called them scam artists and that this is not acceptable. She then said that my Paypal account was refused - I said probably because paypal knows you all are crooks and won't accept electronic requests from you all. I asked that they send me a paper check - she said they can send me my original $20 quote and an additional $40 to make up for the relatively new phone I had recycled. Fast forward to today, I received 2 checks -- one for $20 and a second for $20. So much for the $40 they promised, again, CROOKS and SCAM ARTISTS - STAY AWAY!!!

Aug 08, 2016

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