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Econolodge in greenville IL / Cleanliness

1 Greenville, IL, United States

We recently went back home for a one week visit. we arrived Saturday, June 20th and checked out on Thurs June 25 we stayed a total of 5 nights. We have always stayed at this hotel when we go home to visit. it used to be the Best Westeren and we have never had encountered such filth as we did on this trip. On sat night when we arrived we asked for a cot for my 9 yr old son. they brought the cot to us and when we opened it there was mouse droppings all over it and the blanket that was folded inside had the nest in it. We did not use the cot that night. The next morning I sent the blanket with the maid and showed the poop to her. She assured me that I would get a clean cot delivered to my new room. We had to switch rooms beacuse a smoking room was the only room available on Sat. So on sun we switched to a non smoking room. The people who run the hotel had a note in the room that they are trying to " go green" and preserve water, so the linin would only be changed every 3 DAYS. That is completly unacceptable and I told them that I wanted the bed sheets changed every day it was 100 degrees and there was no way I was sleeping in the same sheets every night. I put a small mark on the sheets to see if they were being changed SUPRIZE they were not. We were ready to check out after the 2nd day but the other hotels were to expensive or to far from where we needed to be. We were there in the room very little, enough to shower and sleep. oh and did I mention that the faucet in the first room was broken and the gentlemen from the front desk came to the room and showed me how to use it and said be gentle you would'nt want to break it. (It was already broken) On to the pool area, We took our children over to the pool to cool off, when we got there the hotel people were cleaning the concrete around pool with the power washer and kept cleaning while we were swimming in the pool. the overspray kept comming at us and finally we gave up. the hot tub had a sudsy dirt film floating on top of it that was disgusting!!! We also had to keep going up to the front because our keys did not work thay had to keep doing them over.Last but not least, We reserved our room on our debet card but when we got there we paid cash for the first 2 nights the we went back and paid for the last 3 nights. They were kind enough to NOT charge us for the cot ($16.00 what a crock) but they had put a hold on the 320.00 on our card which in turn cut us short for our fun money. When i asked them about it she said no way but i called the bank and they said yes there was a hold even after we paid cash for the room.finally on our last day there it was released.To Late!!! we checked out ( Never to return to that particular hotel agian) we left Il and went to KY there we stayed at yet another Econolodge and it was really nice. That is normally our choice when we travel but I will tell you i will NOT stay at the one in Greenvill Il agian. I normally do not complain but that was a bit much and because of our budget for this trip, that was the cheapest place to be and it was a total waste of our money to pay for the filth that is in that hotel!!!

Thank you for your time!!
Justine Tift

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