Econo Lodge and ReservationCounter.comhotel reservation refund

We made an reservation through reservation counter for 13 nights at econo lodge at 5665 cypress gardens blvd winter haven FL 33884 for the dates November 25th 2018 through December 8th 2018 upon arrival the desk clerk informed us that we could not stay at the rate we prepaid for and said we had to pay additional money we prepaid for 13 nights at $51.00 per night plus tax in a total amount of $742.91 instead said we had to pay $72.00 a night plus tax in amount of $936.00 without tax we could not afford that so we were forced to sleep in a house on the floor that we had to move out of because it was sold with 3 small children one of them being a 6yr old totally disabled little boy as we waited on our refund which was promised to us within 24-48hrs it did not come i called and was told it was being investigated but should receive it within 3-7 business days i explained our situation to them that money was to rent somewhere to stay we then had to rent a different hotel room for 2 nights paying $212.00 but received $50.00 refund costing total of $162.00 and then rented a vacation house for 5 days for a total of $559.55 so due to hotel not honoring a prepaid agreement we have slept on the floor and have pd out a total of 1, 464.46 when it was supposed to be $742.91 and have until Friday November 7th at the vacation house then have to leave we have no more money and no way to pay for another place as we have not received refund and i have called 5 times with an answer of "they are working on it" and was promised an email update which I never received thank you for your time

  • Updated by Donna Perez, Dec 06, 2018

    I called reservation again today December 6th and spoke to supervisor and was told the same thing they are still looking into it and he don't know why hotel clerk at econo lodge winter haven FL located at 5665 cypress gardens blvd winter haven FL 33884 didn't honor our reservation i explained that tomorrow we will have nowhere to stay as that is money we planned to use to rent somewhere else and would be sleeping in our van with 3 little kids

Dec 06, 2018

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