Eco Water Systems / Buyer beware

We recently bought a home with an Eco Water Softening System installed. The home is 3 years old. We also happen to know the sellers. We've had 3 service calls, one to replace the resin, all of the calls are related to leaks. We walk in the garage door and the floor is flooded.

We contacted the old owners and they said they bought the 'top of the line' system with patented life-time resin warranty. After reading the warranty, I realized the company touts the superiority of their products but does not stand behind them in any way. The warranty expressly states the warranty is only in effect to the 'original' owner of the home. No warranty conveys to the new owner. This is not a true product warranty.

I own a small business and we sell prodcuts that are warrantied to the home where the product is originally placed, not to the person that purchased them. The technician came out to our home and said that resin in our area due to hard water typically lasts 4 years. Sadly, this company is not intersted in customer service nor representing themselves in an honest and fair manner to consumers. Buy from a company during these trying times that at least represents themselves with some integrity.


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