ec japanese engines and transmissions / repair issues

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We recently spent over 3, 000$ on a brand new engine and transmission. Ernie the owner said it would take 1-2weeks and it was 33days til we got our van back. The trans don't work, overdrive don't work, wont pass emissions, also broke our AC and punctured our reservoir for washer fluids. poor costumer service no help fixing any of the issues. The engine is not even new, its a rebuilt engine. we have no clue how many miles is on it. We would like our money refunded for the transmission and some of the engine that is not working or is rebuilt. Costs for fixing AC and puncture reservior. We brought back the van to the place and it still is not fixed, it is in worse condition than it was in before it was brought to the company.

ec japanese engines and transmissions
ec japanese engines and transmissions


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