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EBZ Moving & Storage / What a disgusting pigs!

1 United States

I hired EBZ Moving and Storage to complete a 12-mile residential in-state move on 12/29/04.

The bottom line is that the mover breached the contract in several ways:
1) the mover did not complete the move on 12/29/04; the volume of items was such that the move could have easily been completed in 1 day; we made 2 previous moves with more items, both moves were completed in 1 day
2) the mover agreed to move the additional items on the following day, 12/30/04 for $100.00. The mover was paid in advance (on the evening of 12/29/04) for the entire cost of the move
3) the mover did not complete the move the next day, promising to complete it on 12/31/04 instead.
4) on 12/31/04 the mover refused to move all of the items for the agreed upon fee of $100.00
5) EBZ damaged some of the items they moved

My elderly mother and I were moving until 11:00pm on New Year's Eve!!!! My mother is 80 years old and has Alzheimer's plus other chronic medical conditions, including pulmonary hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure. She was unable to eat on time or take her medications until midnight!

EBZ has no integrity and is owned by a lazy, dishonest, deceitful businessman, Richard Andrew Eberz.

Here is the chronology of events:

I informed EBZ that we were moving from a 3 bedroom apartment and asked the owner if he wanted to come out to look at the items and give us a cost estimate. The owner said it was not necessary. He did not provide a cost estimate, but stated that his rate was $93/hr.

The movers arrived around 8:00am on 12/29/04. Around 11:00am, the owner started complaining about the volume of goods to be moved. The owner stated that all items probably would not fit into the truck, a standard size 18 foot truck. I found this rather odd because we had completed two (2) prior moves with more items. For this move we had only 2 beds and 1 set of bedroom furniture, whereas in the 2 prior moves we had 3 beds and 2 sets of bedroom furniture.

Around 3:00pm, the movers left our old residence without taking all of our belongings, still claiming that all items would not fit on the truck. By the time I got to the truck, they had closed up the truck and were pulling off, so that I was unable to see inside the truck. The owner said he would return to get the remainder of the items.

At approximately 8:30pm, the movers finished placing all of the goods from the truck into our new residence. The owner gave me a bill for 12 and 1/2 hours plus 1 hour travel time, totaling $1255. The owner offered to return to our old residence on 12/30/04 to complete the move for an additional $100.00 and added this to the contract, with the handwritten description "For Extra Move Out for 12-30-04". I accepted this offer and paid the mover $1355.00, the cost of the entire move, by check, per the contract prepared by EBZ.

On 12/30/04 the owner called to say that EBZ would not be able to complete the move on 12/30/04, as agreed. He said EBZ would complete the move on 12/31/04 instead. We agreed that EBZ would move all items from our previous residence except the plants, which I would take in my vehicle.

On 12/31/04 I met the movers at my previous residence. The owner stated that EBZ would not move all of the remaining items for the agreed upon $100.00, which he had already been paid. I told him I would not pay any additional moving charges, as we had agreed to $100.00. EBZ moved only some of the items (of their choosing) and left.

As a result of the owner's breach of contract, my 80 year-old mother and I were moving until 11:00pm on New Year's Eve, 12/31/04! We made three trips between the old and new residences. With only a mini-SUV and no one to call to help us on New Year's Eve, we were unable to take all of our belongings. Some of the items left behind were of sentimental value and can never be replaced.

Because EBZ did not complete the move, I stopped payment on the check used to pay him for the complete move. EBZ’s owner had the audacity to file suit to recover the entire amount, despite the fact that EBZ did not complete the move and that EBZ damaged some of our items. What a disgusting pig!


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