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We found a realtor Paula at Ebby the Preston NW Highway in Dallas from a on line listing and she gave us an exclusive buyers agreement, made us sign with out explaining the contact whatsoever. We were taken to several houses in the 5 months that we retained her, signed 5 contracts, that all fell through mostly because of inspection issues after paying appraiser and inspection fees. We located a FSBO property and the next thing we saw was a Dallas county court sermon as Ebby had filed suit to collect a commission for work that had not done. Ebby Halliday wanted a 3 % commission for work that was not done as we had singed a exclusive buyers contract that they did not take even a minute to explain, aside from sign here, sign here. Instead of a getting house we ended up with a law suit from Ebby Halliday Preston office. We now are cautioning every co-worker friend and family never to use Ebby Halliday services and we encourage them to spread the word, as Ebby does any thing in order to collect a commission.


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  •   Dec 02, 2012

    it is YOUR responsibility to read any contract that you sign. any time you sign a contract, you are given a copy of that contract. did you not take the time to read it even AFTER you signed it?

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  • Wi
      Jun 10, 2013

    I agree with the comment above. Every single real estate office would be neglectful not to file that suit. I am not with Ebby Halliday Brokerage but I've worked with them and they are a classy organization to say the least. The Buyers Representation Agreement is SO VERY STANDARD in every office and what you did was break that agreement. Before I would go putting down a whole organization, you were working with ONE real estate agent and it is your obvious responsibility to read what you sign?!! Your Realtor you signed with showed you homes and was YOUR AGENT. Realtors do not work for free, seriously do you know anyone who just wants to waste time they could be with their family guiding you around town to have you secretly leave them out because you thought you could save that money by purchasing a FSBO? Agents have responsibilities and clients have CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES. Nobody gets a free ride so honestly I will tell you to take a second thought before you use someones services and expect it to be a gift to you. How long from this Realtor taking you all around town servicing your needs till you purchased a FSBO was it that you did not read the agreement you put your john hancock on? You violated this agreement yourself and show some responsibility owning it instead of choosing to go another illegal root of slander. This had been a lesson to do your due diligence and I applaud this Realtor for choosing to not tolerate being stepped on.

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