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eBay / Fidel Trejo / bad ebay member!

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eBay member manzotrejo won an auction for tickets. His real name is Fidel Trejo and he lives in Riverside, CA. Over the course of a week, he was contacted three times through the eBay contact member system. No response. Finally, he responds and says he wants the tickets for use the next day and he wants to pick them up. The auction listing clearly says no pick-ups. He says he didn't pay attention to that. Never heard from him again and no payment. I contacted eBay and received final value credit for their fees. He will receive a black mark for non-payment. Of course no seller can look that up and know this.

I will be leaving negative feedback. Of course, he only has one feedback, so very likely he doesn't care about his feedback and isn't very active on eBay. Sellers like me are hurt by these callous and selfish people who do not follow rules. Winning an auction on eBay is an binding legal contract to the terms of the auction. They expect everyone to follow their rules that they make up as they go. I wasted time to contact him, re-list the tickets and when I re-sold the tickets, it sold for $5 less.

eBay really doesn't care about its sellers. They will only kick off a member after repeated non payment or for fraud.

The irony of the whole situation is that if he had paid when the auction ended, he would have received the tickets by the time he wanted to go over a week later. He probably went anyway and paid full price instead of saving 20%. What an IDIOT!! I have over 99% positive feedback rating and he thinks I am probably going to cheat him. The only person who ever left me negative feedback is another bum buyer who refused to pay because she said she didn't have the money. Then she leaves ME negative feedback.

Now eBay wants to eliminate the ability for sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers. This means sellers will be completely at the mercy of idiot buyers who have absolutely no regard for eBay rules and no disincentive to leave negative feedback, whether deserved or not, because buyer can never receive negative feedback in return.

eBay sellers out there, do yourself a favor and put manzotrejo on your blocked bidders list. HE IS A WASTE OF TIME!!

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  • Fr
      26th of Mar, 2008
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    Hey Rothman. answer me this. In the last two months I ordered a couple of items off ebay. Paid for through paypal instantly. The first seller never sent my item and finally after a month said he couldn't remember if he sent the item, lost it, or sent it to another buyer. Fianlly after complaint to ebay and paypal I got a refund. The second seller, Deisel883, real name Russell Dadds of MD. listed a couple of items. I bid and purchased a j/m 1 ounce silver bar and a 1 gram Istanbul gold bar. Bid ended March 2, 2008 . I paid with my credit card March 2nd through paypal. I received my silver bar March 14th, 2008 and I payed for express shipping. I sent an email to Deisel883 March 14th asking where my gold bar was. His response. I was running low on gold so it shipped later. It is March 26th. I have still never received the item or a refund. This item was also supposed to be express shipping. I have filed a complaint with ebay and paypal. This guy still has not responded to paypal and I have now filed criminal charges against him with the internet crime center. Then the guy had the nerve to post negative feedback saying I'm a slow pay and that I asked for a refund on the silver bar which lowered my feedback from 100% to 97 . What a joke. And ebay wont remove it. So how do you feel about sellers who rip off their customers? And finally in my opinion i say To anyone who reads this beware on ebay cause you can and probably will at some point get ripped off and no one is probably gonna give a damn.

  • Kt
      30th of Mar, 2008
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    Please note: There is another fake ebay which operates out of San Francisco, CA. It even says in its spam letter to watch out for phony ebay sites! I just blocked it and alerted my email account that it is spam. The address starts with Yourebay@(something not ebay) .com; I don't remember the rest because it was automatically deleted. This happened in the last 2 weeks.

  • As
      12th of Apr, 2008
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    Response to Freemon. Sorry to hear about your bad experiences. You did the correct thing by contacting the seller and trying to get your item. Then when you did not receive the item, you notified Ebay and Paypal. You got your money back.

    How do I feel about bum sellers or, at least, sellers who have inconsistent motivation to customer service? Ebay needs to do more to monitor these sellers. These people make the Ebay experience bad for everyone.

    You didn't indicate the positive feedback percentage for these sellers. I tend to avoid any seller with less than 95%.

    How do you avoid getting retaliatory negative feedback? You have 90 days from the auction ending date to leave feedback. Wait until the last minute to leave the feedback. The other member may not notice or not log in timely to leave a response on your account.

    If the other seller left negative feedback on your account that was not justified, then the only thing you can do is leave a comment to their feedback. Any member who reads that negative comment will see your side of the story also.

    I definitely do not approve of Ebay's new rule that sellers cannot leave negative feedback for buyers. That does not allow me to let other members know about bum buyers.

  • Pa
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    Horror story about a seller trying to blackmail me for positive feedback.

    Auction-genie-inc is the mother of all EBay a**es. I bought 4 items from him. He knew he had provided me with a lousy service and that EBay was about to change the rules (seller will no longer be able to leave negs.) So, fearing that I would leave negatives and he would no longer be able to retaliate, he blackmailed me: either you leave 4 positives or I'll leave 4 negatives before they change the rules and then you'll be forced to go to mutual feedback removal. I'm not going to do that, I won't be blackmailed by this guy, but I'll spread this story as fast as I can. Obviously I have already reported him to EBay (the idiot blackmailed me using the EBay system) but I really don't expect them to do anything about it. Nobody should buy anything from auction-genie-inc of Little Falls NJ and no one should trust them to sell stuff on EBay. I'm going even further, no one should buy anything from EBay, period. I'm done with them, this is the last straw.

    As I understand, I'm not the only buyer who had to suffer this.

    And yes, I'm in favor of the new system. I hope it'll put sellers like Auction-genie-inc out of business.

  • As
      1st of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Auction-genie-inc has 99.7% rating with 1375 feedback. That is high enough that most people would not hesitate to buy from them. IF you left four negative feedback, it would only drop to 99.4%. They are a bunch of idiots to have to resort to blackmail to get positive feedback. I would wait until the 89th day to leave your feedback. You have 90 days to leave feedback. Mark your calendar. Maybe they won't log in that day and they won't have time to retaliate.

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